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Wicked Uncle is a cool website that specialises in awesome gifts for kids. More than that, it is set up to make it easy for anyone to be able to choose a brilliant suitable present – even if they don’t know the child very well. It is also great if you are simply stuck for awesome gift ideas and need some inspiration.

Why Choose Wicked Uncle

When you’re looking for presents for children, the options can be intimidating. Stores can feel overwhelming and confusing with the sheer mass of choices available. When it comes to effective gifting, and without the stress, you need a blend of awesome inspiration whilst filtering out anything that is irrelevant to the child in question. Fortunately, Wicked Uncle has the perfect answer! Their website is an amazing site that celebrates the fun and unusual; there’s something to put a smile on the face of every child.

About Wicked Uncle

The team at Wicked Uncle pride themselves on their dedication to keep things a little bit different; they build their selection of toys by looking for quirky and enjoyable gifts. Every potential present is tested before it is listed; this is made very clear. Wicked Uncle provides gift ideas for kids that are actually gifts worth giving – i.e. presents that kids will actually appreciate and be excited about!

Going one step further, the crew also offer gift-wrapping, and can send the present direct to the recipient, along with a handwritten card. They even offer an annual reminder if that’s what you need.

Wicked Uncle gifts for kids gift wrapping

The excellent service doesn’t end there though. If the child isn’t happy with the present or they already have it, the unused gift can be returned in exchange for something else. This offers extra peace of mind.

Shopping on Wicked Uncle

For busy households where time is very limited, convenience is critical. At the same time though, you don’t want to lose the personal touch and want to find inspiration for the perfect gift. That’s a difficult proposition! But with a cool variety of gift ideas and well thought out filtering, the Wicked Uncle website meets that expectation with their excellent range of toys.

The website allows you to select gender, specific age and categories of interest. So, you select a category, or gender, and look up the appropriate age range (For example, gifts for 9 year old girls). You can then search the products by price or popularity. I have to say, there is an excellent selection of items, including some really unique ideas!

I admit I am not a fan of organising toys by gender but of course many customers might want to ‘play it safe’ and find this function useful. Plus there is a good selection in both the boys and girls sections; the range is not divided up in a way that is too stereotypical thankfully. And of course you can just choose ‘all’ for this instead, if you prefer to be gender neutral!

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Quickly and effortlessly I was able to browse by age and interest. What I found especially pleasing was that there are sensory and educational options readily available, and with an incredible selection to choose from too. There are things like a relaxing lifelike jellyfish tank that got my attention, as well as felt sewing animals and some cool educational STEM activities. As I dived further into the selection, I found kits for growing plants, interacting with wildlife and even a genetics and DNA experiment kit.

Curious about that last one, I looked a little further. Fortunately, it wont have kids taking unsuspecting fluid samples from members of their household but does feature to tools to isolate some DNA from a tomato, which sounds fascinating! This could be an excellent gift that took hardly any of my time to find!

In Conclusion

I spent ages browsing the website and was really impressed. There were lots of items that I wouldn’t have thought of myself and have never spotted them anywhere else before. I also came across lots of great gift ideas for other people while I was browsing; lots of inspiration for future occasions! In no time at all, I could have a present like the one I found ordered, wrapped and dispatched the same day (as long as I order before 4pm Mon-Fri).

In summary, I am very impressed with the website; it is absolutely brilliant for coming up with unique gift ideas. I found the overall experience efficient, with a brilliant varied range to choose from, and browsing for a gift on the site was altogether quite fun, and very inspiring!

Wicked Uncle is a must-visit website for buying some of the best gifts for kids!


Win a Horrible Histories Board Game and Pindaloo Game From Wicked Uncle! Open to UK residents only and closes on 26th September 2021. Enter via rafflecopter below.

Win a Horrible Histories Board Game and Pindaloo Game From Wicked Uncle

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pindaloo is a fun physical skills and coordination game for ages 6+
RRP £13.95

Pindaloo from Wicked Uncle

Scan the QR code to learn more fun tricks!

Pindaloo from Wicked Uncle

Horrible Histories board game is a fun educational game suitable for anyone aged 8 and over. RRP £19.95

Horrible Histories Board Game from Wicked Uncle

Other Cool Wicked Uncle Products (Previous Giveaways)

Horrible Histories Christmas book and super bendy light giveaway

Horrible Histories Christmas book is a fun seasonal addition for any child who loves the Horrible Histories series. RRP £9.99

Horrible Histories Christmas book

The super bendy light is a flexible funky little light that serves its purpose well for a multitude of uses. It makes a great reading light for example! RRP £9.95

Wicked Uncle super bendy light

Wicked Uncle super bendy light

104 thoughts on “Wicked Uncle – Ideal Gifts For Kids (#AD)”

  1. These are two great family fun prizes. Our kids love the educational fun of Horrible Histories and they’re currently trying to learn to juggle!

  2. Brilliant blog post, I’ve used ‘Wicked Uncle’ many times and have found it really useful, especially when stuck for ideas for all my nieces and nephews! Great prize too, my grandson would love to find these wrapped up at Christmas!!

  3. My son loves to watch Horrible Histories so I’m pretty sure he would love to play this (and we’d all probably learn a thing or two!)

  4. My daughter loves horrible histories and one of her godfathers always buys her presents from wicked uncle – a great company!

  5. These are such fab gift ideas. My Goddaughter is a huge fan of Horrible Histories so this gives me some great ideas for her. Thanks.

  6. These games look great for kids, we love Wicked Uncle as it is such a great site to give you ideas for presents split by age group

  7. I am always looking for gifts for my kids that educate, challange , and fun everything here fit that bill fabulous for christmas.

  8. The Pindaloo game looks fun although I imagine others would be better at it than me 😀 Thanks for running this giveaway

  9. My children and now my grandson love the books so I’d really like to give him these as a birthday present in January

  10. My son loves Horrible Histories. they are so fun and educational, it has helped him learn so much and gave him a love of history.

  11. I remember the Horrible Histories books being really big when I was about 10. Love that they’ve just gone from strength to strength and a Christmas one is such a great idea!

  12. I never know what to get the step kids and nieces for Christmas, they have everything so it’s hard to think of ideas. This looks great!

  13. Oh wow, this looks like such a useful site! As the kids (and their friends!) get older, choosing presents for them seems to get so much harder! Will have to check Wicked Uncle out.


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