Why I Prefer Shoe Shopping Online

Honestly, buying shoes can be a bit of a hassle sometimes; too often the sizes reflect the length but do not always offer a choice of width sizes, yet so many have wide feet. Squiggle and I are both familiar with this. Having wide feet, if not managed properly, can lead to a varied array of longterm issues. When shoes (like clothes) are a non-negotiable aspect of day-to-day life, it seems more than a little unreasonable that finding the right pair can be a bit of a slog. The thing is, I don’t doubt that many may just accept the discomfort and move on. This can have long term negative effects though.

Why I Prefer Shoe Shopping Online

What Are Wide Feet?

Okay, the answer is totally in the name. Of course it is. Wide feet are quite obviously feet that are wide. However, when we use this term, we cover multiple types of wide feet ranging from several causes.

We can mean our genetics. Wider than average feet (by the way in the UK feet seem to be getting wider every subsequent generation) caused by the lottery we all involuntarily enter into. Another genetic condition is flat feet; where the arch of the feet is either less or non-existent. This causes feet to widen when pressed down. There are environmental factors too, forcing your feet into ill-fitting shoes can cause issues that make them widen too (ironic, eh?). And then there is swelling caused by pregnancy, or other medical considerations.

So, when we say ‘wide feet’ we can mean any of these things, and probably more too. But what it all comes down to is the same thing; wider feet that need a shoe that fits just right. Fortunately, even if the high street doesn’t have your back, the internet does.

Online Shopping

I am not a keen high street shopper, Squiggle is less so. This comes down to a number of factors, but primarily, above all things, it comes down to her needs. It is a difficult experience for her and therefore tough for me too as her carer and mum.

Personally though, even with this aside, it is just too much; there is too much going on and finding what you’re after is way too time consuming and stressful. There are ways I would much rather be spending my time, and when it comes to decent, wide-fitting shoes these are often one of the more frequent offenders of high street unavailability or awkwardness. It is exhausting.

So, whilst I like to (and do in every way I can) support my local businesses, some things are better handled online. You have to pick your battles after all and finding good shoes often can be one. I do this as it is what we both need to keep things as calm, simple and efficient as possible. It is even possible to get your own foot measurer for use at home too.

Fortunately, there are some excellent sources to browse wider fit shoes in various styles available online, such as Cosyfeet. I actually cannot stress enough how important online shopping is when you’re a household with special needs or disabilities. Often, it is the difference between being able to get what you need when you need it, and not. So, for me, shoe shopping online is usually my preference.

Do you prefer shopping online or in store?

*This is collaborative post

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