Why I Have Britain’s Most Beautiful Garden: Just Landlords Competition #BritainsMostBeautifulGarden

*This post is written in collaboration with Just Landlords.

I love being outdoors; this includes my garden of course. I think my garden is beautiful for many reasons; it may not be perfectly landscaped and as well tended as it could be, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Just Landlords (UK-based provider of specialist landlord insurance) is looking for Britain’s most beautiful garden. Here is my entry to the competition and why I think my garden should win!

Why I Have Britain's Most Beautiful Garden: Just Landlords Competition #BritainsMostBeautifulGarden

Why I Love Being In My Garden

I love being outdoors generally. But my garden is special; it is our personal space where we can enjoy the benefits of being outside in private. It is especially important to have this as a carer to an autistic child with anxiety disorders, as having our own outdoor space to spend time in and get fresh air, even if we cannot manage to go out elsewhere, benefits us both massively.

Britain's most beautiful garden. My garden.

Our garden is somewhere we relax, play, exercise and work. Squiggle often does educational activities in the garden rather than inside, and I sometimes sit on the grass and work from my phone there too. We have a trampoline for exercise, as well as some sports and games equipment to use too. In summer, we have a paddling pool out; not just fun for Squiggle but also relaxing and therapeutic! It is also nice to spend time in the garden with our pet bunny Murray, and the cats if they join us. Or watch (and listen to) the garden wildlife that resides there.

Why I Have Britain's Most Beautiful Garden: Just Landlords Competition #BritainsMostBeautifulGarden Squiggle working in the garden

My Favourite Garden Feature

I cannot pick just one favourite garden feature; I have a couple that are equally as important to me! The first is our big rabbit enclosure, which houses our beloved pet. It would feel wrong to mention our garden features and not include this!

Britain's most beautiful garden. Rabbit enclosure.

Pet rabbit Why I Have Britain's Most Beautiful Garden: Just Landlords Competition #BritainsMostBeautifulGarden

The second is our wildlife area. We have tried to make a corner of our garden a natural habitat for various creatures. The grass is long, it is left unweeded, and there are a couple of logs for hiding. It is lovely to listen to the crickets chirping here, or watch the butterflies flutter around. Upon closer inspection, a wealth of insects can usually be spotted too. I love it.

Close up of cricket Why I Have Britain's Most Beautiful Garden: Just Landlords Competition #BritainsMostBeautifulGarden

Why I Think My Garden Deserves The Title “Britain’s Most Beautiful Garden”

My garden might not be conventionally beautiful but it has plenty of charm. It is the home for one of our pets, and also home to an array of wildlife too. It is a place to spend time doing many things, or nothing at all. It is messy, wild and perfectly imperfect. What could be more beautiful than that!

Britain's most beautiful garden. Wild area.

Do you agree I have Britain’s most beautiful garden? Or do you think your own garden should win? Enter the competition and let the judges decide… the winner receives £250 worth of Love2shop vouchers! (They are judging the competition with the help of a special guest judge too!) To enter, just write a blog post stating why you love being in your garden, what your favourite feature is, and why you think your garden should win! (Don’t forget to link to Just Landlords so they can track your entry!)

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  1. I love the little wildlife area, it looks like a great place to spend time in. My garden is tiny and I would love a larger one. Good luck with this competition.


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