Why Choose Solid Wood Flooring?

Simply put, solid wood flooring is made from a piece of solid wood. Cut straight from the trunk; it is made into planks, given a fitting profile around the edges and subsequently a smooth finish is applied. So what are the benefits?

Simple Installation

Installation is extremely simple compared to the alternatives; this means that a professional fitter can be in and out faster with much less disruption. 

A Natural Look

Nothing beats the way wood flooring gives a room a more natural feel. The patterns and styles are incredibly unique and have a personality of their own but more than that; something about the look of wood is comforting to most and gives a ‘closer to nature’ vibe. Another thing is that there are even more options available such as different finishes and cuts. 

Why Choose Solid Wood Flooring?

An Environmental Choice

In comparison to other solid flooring options, wood flooring can carry a smaller carbon footprint. Less energy is used in its construction methods than any equivalent material; plus, wood is a more renewable source compared with most of the other options available. What’s more is solid wood is durable and incredibly long-lasting.

Long Lasting

Solid wood flooring is durable and lasts an incredibly long time due to the application of protective finishes. Another factor is the option of deep cleaning or the wood being sanded down and switched out with alternative finishes (although there is a finite amount of times this is possible). In fact, it is widely accepted that a good wood floor can actually last a lifetime; especially as you can take the same flooring and give it a different look thanks to this re-finishing. 


Wood does wonderfully well when it comes to insulation; meaning that it will help keep the house suitably cool when things get hot and should also trap the heat in your home during the colder months.

Quick Cleaning

Cleaning is not very fun but, more importantly, it is difficult to find time to do it sometimes between all the other things that need doing. So, fast and efficient options to get rid of messes are incredibly beneficial. Fortunately, wood flooring thrives in this regard. The vacuum glides over smoothly and wiping down either with a mop or by hand is a viable option if liquids are in play. 

Sound-Proofing Options

Solid wood can be loud, especially if overhead. However, it doesn’t have to be. There are options to have a layer of material beneath the top-level flooring to improve the sound absorption capability. 

An Investment Opportunity 

Generally, hardwood floors are a great long-term investment choice. The cost of installation typically is vastly outdone by the value added to the resale cost of the property.

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