What Are The Best Tips For Sewing Your Own Curtains?

Designing a unique interior with the help of curtains is probably one of the best ideas to makeshift your room and brings more life to it. With the different variations, colours, and designs of curtains sold in the market nowadays, there are just a lot of ideas that can go on your mind. Being creative with your own curtains is definitely a must try, most especially that we’re always at home nowadays. 

Sewing a piece of fabric might seem easy but there are factors to consider when sewing your fabrics. One major factor to keep in mind is the fabric itself. There are a lot of variations of fabrics sold in the market nowadays, and it’s always best to also consider what type of fabric to buy. Only thin fabrics can be hand sewn and thick fabrics would need a sewing machine to do the trick. Subsequently, it’s also recommended to always buy the right length of fabrics so it will be of right fit for your windows. 

Thus, here are our tips to sewing your own curtains:

Cut Your Fabrics To The Right Length

Differences in window sizes would often need for curtains to be cut to a distinct length. Curtain fabrics should be purchased with a longer height and width so your fabrics will not cut short. Most of the time, long fabrics are also good for aesthetics as it can flow more beautifully from top to bottom. 

You see, cutting alone fabric isn’t enough; it will appear rowdy and strands of fibers might fall off if not properly sewn. For starters, cut your fabrics long enough so as to not lack cloth when the fabric is being sewn. Thus, it is strongly recommended to never skimp your fabrics… ever. Always measure the length of your window down to the floor and add atleast five to eight inches of fabric before cutting. With this, there will be room for a folded and sewn fabric right at each ends of the curtain. 

Best tips for sewing your own curtains

Line Your Fabrics

Imagine buying a plain and straight fabric and later draping it instantly unto your room; seems boring, right? When sewing your fabric to the unique curtain that you desire, always opt for a lined fabric. This will provide more structure to your curtain and your room as a whole. 

Lined fabrics make the patterns and colours of the fabrics richer. In the case of thin fabrics, it provides more privacy to homeowners and makes the fabric appear thicker from the outside. When you observe curtains in hotels, lined fabrics are done intentionally as it gives more insulation to the room as a whole. This is also why more people opt for lined fabrics as it has practical uses and can give out an elegant aesthetic to a normal space. 

You Can Go For Pleats

Like lined curtain fabrics, adding pleats at the rod area on top of your fabrics can also add more structure to your curtain fabrics. Pleats can have a lot of varieties, depending on the look you want. Pleats are also done for the curtain fabrics to flow beautifully from the top of the rod until the very last inch of your curtain fabric. 

The pinch pleat is the most common type of curtain pleat. Pinch pleat is also considered a classic, so it is best associated if you want to have a traditional look to your curtains. For a contemporary atmosphere inside your homes, you can try sewing an inverted pleat. This will provide a crisp look to your windows which can also add a more lined and thick look to your curtain fabrics, regardless of how thin your curtain fabrics may be. 

Never Forget To Align Patterns

For those who want a minimalist look and would opt to buy a plain coloured curtain fabric, then you can skip this part. However, if you’d want to be more creative and provide a touch of art to your curtains, then we suggest you to be careful of the patterns as it can either make or break your window treatment. 

Patterns in fabrics are oftentimes called repeats. Repeats have two types; either vertical or horizontal. Always ask your fabric supplier for the repeats of the fabric so you’ll know where you’ll cut and stitch. At times, you will need extra fabric for pattern matching. In this way your curtain fabric would show an uninterrupted pattern even though your fabric would appear limited. 

Now who would want an obviously mismatched area on your curtains, right?

Patterned curtain fabric

Buy Durable Fabrics At The Right Shop

Minding the quality when sewing curtain fabrics can also be on top of mind. It’s best to sew curtains that are proven durable and are manufactured with high-grade materials. One of the best fabric shops to buy curtain fabrics is the Yorkshire Fabric Shop. They sell a wide array of curtain fabrics ranging to a few thousand so you’ll never run out of choice when you want to purchase a unique piece of fabric. 

Moreover, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop is one of the top fabric shops in the United Kingdom that can provide custom cut fabrics for their clients. They cater to client’s special requests and they always make sure your buy enough fabrics for your curtains. Their curtain fabrics are also always available and they rarely go out of stock. 

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop is also a convenient fabric shop for those who don’t have time going to fabric mills. They offer clients their collections of fabrics online so they are able to find the fabric that best suits their room. Plus, they can send sample fabrics for people to be extra sure on their fabrics before they purchase. Isn’t that beyond we can ask for?

Now gather up your materials and always keep in mind out tips for beginners who want to sew their own fabrics. Always make sure that you cut your fabrics to the right length and width, while also making sure you do not compromise the patterns if you happen to opt for one. Also bear in mind to buy the right fabrics at fabric shops who sells heavy-duty and long-lasting fabrics; this can be cost effective to those who want to start sewing their own curtains. 

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