Using Pendant Lighting For Social Settings

Busy homes require a style that is functional and inviting. The use of pendant lighting can benefit small or large spaces. Social occasions are easily made more luxurious or more intimate with the use of pendant lighting; read more to find out how…

Using pendant lighting for social settings

Pendant lighting for the home

Discovering which lighting styles are perfect for your home should be based solely on your lifestyle. How can you make room in your home to reflect the kind of life you lead outside of it? Continue reading for insightful tips:

Show off your features

What do you love about your home? Which room do you feel most calm and centred in? Use the process of elimination to find out what your go-to styles are and what you’re keen to experiment with. Also consider the function of the room. Dining areas, hallways and living spaces can be busy areas of the home so you may want to consider enhancing them over more personal spaces such as the bedroom or bathroom.

Which quantity is appropriate?

This is entirely down to the size of the space you have at your disposal. Linear layouts work well for specific areas of a room such as a breakfast bar in the kitchen. Alternatively, if you need to fill a larger space, circular layouts can be most efficient. Be sure to consider the size of the pendants, as larger pendants could overshadow the other features of the room as oppose to enhancing them.

Enhanced features

A space such as the living room can often incur multiple purposes of use. If the children are doing their homework, you may want the light to be a bit brighter so they can see their work. However, if you’re having a romantic evening in with your other half, dimmer lighting is more appropriate. Dimmers can help you get the most out of these grand features, without restricting their versatility.

Using pendant lighting for social settings


To find the ideal length for your pendant lighting, measure the distance between the top of a table or surface, to the ceiling. The average length of pendant lighting can be between 28-32 inches. You may choose to give or take away a few inches depending on your specific design. Or you can mix things up by having alternating lengths; the choice is yours.

Using your favourites for a flawless design

Pendant lighting styles can range between detailed antique and modern minimalist themes. Choose a style which inhibits the majority for the characteristics and functions you require for your design.

If high ceilings are part of your homes structure, then that’s a great reason to test run the idea of vintage pendant lights. However, even with smaller ceilings or intimate spaces, you can experiment with vintage filament lights.

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