UK Zoos Finally Reopen, But They Still Need Our Help

After much concern that they were to stay shut indefinitely, zoos and wildlife parks have finally been able to reopen. Whilst this is great news, they still need our help! They were closed for around 3 months, missing out on high numbers of visitors during that period; and those admission fees would have helped support the huge ongoing costs of upkeep and welfare of the animals in their care.

Even now, they do not hold the same capacity for visitors as previously, due to the strict social distancing policies they have in place to ensure the safety of their visitors. So more than ever, they need people to donate, purchase annual memberships, or sponsor the animals, to help boost their income. Here are a few places who would benefit from ongoing support…

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo in London is often described as a hidden gem. The family run zoo relies completely on visitor ticket sales and memberships to cover their overall running costs. The committed animal keepers continued to work at the zoo everyday during the pandemic, and the team have ensured the animals remain healthy and happy, although many of the animals missed the visitors.

Battersea Park Children's Zoo

The zoos daily food costs for the 100+ animals (47 species) living at the zoo is approximately £115 a day plus an additional £400 a month for hay, straw and bedding materials. Monthly staffing costs for their animal zookeeper team is £7,600 and then there are other overheads too.

Battersea Children's Zoo

I have never been to this zoo but I have a feeling Squiggle would love it there. I truly hope that now it is open again I get the opportunity to take her sometime!

Otter at Battersea zoo

The crowdfunder donations page is still open: Battersea Children’s Zoo Crowdfunder. They also sell annual memberships or you can adopt an animal.

Whipsnade and London ZSL Zoo

We have enjoyed visits to both of these ZSL zoos and we particularly love Whipsnade; it is a lovely day out, with lots of space and plenty to see. You can read more about it on my partner’s Whipsnade review post from a visit last year.

Rhino Whipsnade zoo

There are lots of ways to help support Whipsnade and London ZSL zoos; you can donate, buy from the online shop, check out their animal adoption collection or gift annual memberships, which is valid for both zoos.

Whipsnade ZSL giraffes

Paradise Wildlife Park

Again, another favourite of ours! Paradise Wildlife Park has alot to offer in addition to their exciting range of animals (of course, much of this remains shut as per government guidelines) and works hard on conservation efforts. They have been tirelessly trying to raise funds during the closure to maintain the level of care for their animals, and sadly many of their development plans have had to be put on hold.

Camels. ZSH. Paradise Wildlife Park.

You can contribute to their fundraising efforts via the PWP ZSL Hetfordshire donations page. Or become a member to help boost their income!

Lioness lying down. Paradise Wildlife Park review. ZSH, zoo, Hertfordshire. Family days out with kids.

Do you know of any other zoos who need support? Add them to comments!

A final little mention…

Weymouth Sealife Centre

Whilst as far as I am aware Sealife Centre Weymouth has not needed any fundraising support, and it is somewhat further afield for us personally, Squiggle keeps mentioning that she would like to return here to see the seals, penguins and otters sometime, so it would have felt wrong not to give it a quick mention!

Sealife centre Weymouth

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