2021 San Diego Winter Weather Guide

In many places throughout the country, it’s difficult to know what to expect in terms of weather, especially during the winter months. In fact, the weather is so hit or miss in many regions that residents often rely on strange but prevailing superstitions that, more often than not, entail animal behavior, cutesy rhymes or both. In San Diego, residents don’t have that problem. Though an el Niño or la Niña may spice things up here or there, San Diego weather trends are pretty telling and can give you a solid indicator of what to expect from your winter vacay in America’s Finest City. Use this guide to advise your itinerary of relaxing things to do in San Diego this winter.

2021 San Diego Winter Weather Guide

Winter in SD

To get an idea of just what, exactly, the winter weather is like in San Diego, just browse your social media feeds of friends who live in the region, or of those who have visited. Instead of photos of snow-covered mountains or wet and gloomy cityscapes — which are common winter-scapes — you’ll be surprised (and likely jealous) to learn that San Diego continues to bask in the sunshine even in December. However, that doesn’t mean that you want to fill your suitcase with bathing suits, shorts and sundresses. Below is a snapshot of what to expect, weatherwise, during your Southern California vacay:

• Anticipate winter daytime temperatures of an average high of 65 degrees, with about a 10-degree variation in either direction.

• Expect a few cloudy days sprinkled into your stay.

• If you plan on staying on or near the ocean, know that the wind coming off the sea can make the air feel 10 to 15 degrees cooler.

• Though Southern Californians will tell you that December is their wettest month, the region sees an average of four days of rain fall each year during the final month. If your vacation falls during those four days, you may have to seek out more indoor activities than out.

• Regardless of how beautiful the daytime temperatures are, nighttime temps typically fall to 50 — a 50 that feels exponentially colder due to the moisture in the air.

Of course, in recent years, San Diego has been experiencing more extreme temperatures than average, and you may very well get 80-degree weather and blue skies while you’re in town.

2021 San Diego Winter Weather Guide

What To Do During Winter Months in SD

Winter is a great time to visit San Diego for several reasons. San Diego is not a cheap vacation, but during the winter months, you may find great deals on everything from airfare to hotels to sailing tours San Diego. You may also enjoy your adventures more, as the crowds will be much smaller than during the winter months. If you go before the holidays, you can also take part in several of the city’s best holiday traditions, such as its winter parades, light tours, Christmas tree lightings and more.

Finally, and perhaps one of the best reasons to visit San Diego during the winter, is that December through March is the migrating season for gray whales. When you book a whale watching expedition with Next Level Sailing whale watching, you are bound to see a pod of whales — or several — from closer than you could have thought possible.

Whale watching

If you want to visit San Diego but have never gotten around to it — whether because of cost, crowds or life — make this winter the time you visit. You won’t regret it.

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