Top Gardening Tips To Get The Most From Your Garden

Maintaining your garden to a high standard so that you can truly maximise the benefit is well worth doing! Here are my top tips for getting your garden in the best shape…

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Your garden needs water to grow, of course. Typically in the UK, rain does a good job of taking care of this for much of the year round, except for the hotter drier months. During this time, you will need to water your garden regularly to prevent wilting. Conserve water and do your bit for sustainability by using a water butt to collect rain water for this.

Grow Your Own

Use your garden to grow some of your own food. It is satisfying to tuck into a homegrown meal, it is healthy and it is good for the environment too.

Don’t Overdo It!

When gardeing, there is no need for every spot to be perfectly presented. A wild overgrown section encourages wildlife so that they can benefit from your outdoor space too!

Garden Accessories

A garden can be enjoyed more fully if you invest in some furniture and accessories to make it a comfortable place to relax. Garden seating is certainly a good start, and you can get outdoor cushions and throws for extra comfort. Some well chosen lighting adds to the mood and allows you to stay out later into the evening. If you add some heating, and perhaps some kind of sheltered area too, the garden continues to be enjoyable for much longer.

Last but not least, consider adding a water feature. Gentle running water caresses the soul with its soothing tones as water trickles down. Or better still, build a pond and welcome a whole new wealth of wildlife into your garden.

Know Your Garden

Knowing the type of soil in your garden, and considering the position of it in relation to the sun, plus how much shade there is to, and so on, will help in deciding the best plants to grow, as well as the best spaces in your garden for these plants to flourish. Camellias, for example, prefer a north-facing wall in a court yard and an acid soil, so there is no point planting them in water-logged, alkaline soil with continuous cold draughts irritating their tender stems.

If you are unsure about the more technical side of gardening, you could hire a gardener to help you. They can also help with garden maintence and other gardening services too. Sometimes it can be useful to buy in some extra help to keep your garden in the best shape it can be.

What are your top tips for getting the most from your garden?

*This is a collaborative post.

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