Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture for Your Garden

Patio furniture brings comfort and style to your outdoor garden. When planning а garden, it’s good to consider space for a patio which you can enjoy during warm and sunny days. Having a spacious area for family dinners or a quiet place for reading and enjoying the weather will make your home complete. There are a few considerations you have to take in mind when choosing patio furniture, if you want them to last longer and fit great in your garden. Some of the tips might seem close to mind and obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many people overlook them…

Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture for Your Garden

Consider the Local Weather

The local weather is one of the most important things to consider when choosing patio furniture. As England is a fairly rainy place, to say the least, you need to buy furniture that doesn’t get ruined by water. Placing them under umbrellas and tents can also help avoid getting them wet. If you live somewhere that is hot and dry, keep in mind that cause wood splinters and cracks. On the other hand, bad weather and strong winds, can send your light aluminum furniture flying away. Wicker furniture get ruined by moisture. So, make sure you take the weather situation in mind, in order to save yourself time and money.

Consider Your Space

There are a couple of other important things to consider about your space. For example, the area you will be placing the furniture. Don’t place wooden furniture on grass as the moisture from the soil will cause the wood to rot. Moisture can be bad for some metals too and cause them to corrode.

Consider the shape of the available space for a patio. Is it narrow or broad? This will help you with choosing the right size and amount of furniture. If you want to be able to dine outside with your whole family, but you have limited space, consider sacrificing some parts of your garden, or just order a smaller table and chairs so you can fit more people.

Consider the Purpose

Take in mind the purpose your patio is going to serve in your garden. Whether you want your patio to be used by your whole family or group of friends for outside dinner and parties, or you just want to have a quiet place to read and relax, don’t start planning before you decide on that. You can also divide the space in different areas to serve different purposes. It’s important to decide that before ordering any furniture, so you can design your patio in a coherent way. This will help you with choosing the size, style and amounts of furniture.

If you want to big dinners with your friends and family – you can buy a long table that will fit all your friends. If you are considering having outdoors parties, save some space for dancing and place a bar where people can hang out at. And, if you want a small quiet place for working and reading – you can order a small coffee table with a comfortable couch.

Choose Material

As we already discussed, choosing the right material for furniture is vital. It depends on the weather, space and location. You can choose among four general choices – wood, rattan, metal and man-made materials. You should also consider the amount of care you want to put in for your furniture. Some are more durable than others such as aluminum and iron. Resin furniture are also resistant to rain and moisture. As you choose one type of material, stick to it, so your garden is coherent and stylish. Finally, you do want to pick a material based on the style of your garden as well.

Consider Color Schemes

As you’ve decided on the materials, consider options for color schemes too. Your choices are not limited to the type of the material! Wood and metal can come in different colors. You are also probably adding cushions and pillows, so make sure their colors are chosen with thought as well. Bare in mind that the colors of furniture and clothing that are exposed under the sun, fade away quicker. If you want colors to stay bright longer, consider choosing bold and vibrant colors. Finally, make sure the patio furniture matches the furniture you have in your home. They don’t need to be the same, but picking the same color schemes and style will bring cohesiveness in your house.

Consider Details

Small details can make a big difference. For example, you can place your furniture under a colorful and stylish rug. Or you can add lanterns and string lights. There are many creative garden ideas on a budget that will transform a simple patio to a unique and beautiful place that will be talked about by your friends and neighbours.

Consider Storage

Depending on where you live, you might need a storage space for all those new patio furniture when the weather goes bad. Especially during hard winters, or rainy falls, it’s better to keep the furniture in a dry space. If you have a garage or a basement, set apart some space that you can easily use, if the weather changes suddenly. You can also place umbrellas and tents above the furniture to avoid them getting wet and soaked, if it starts raining.

Make a List

Make a list with all of your ideas and considerations – from weather, to space, to style and vibe. You can create your list in a notebook or use notes on your computer. If you want to get some inspiration, visit Pinterest and make a board for your patio furniture ideas. You can find some very creative ideas and tricks you can apply to your garden as well. As you are creating this list, put pros and cons for each of the ideas. It will be easier to organize your thoughts and make informed decisions. Don’t rush it, if you want to end up with a beautiful and unique patio.

Consider Your Budget

At the end of the day, your budget will determine what you can buy for your garden. It’s important to buy the best quality furniture you can fit in your budget. Outside furniture break down quicker as they are exposed to weather changes, pests, and vegetations. Buying cheaper ones, might cost you more money as they will need more maintenance and probably replacing. For example, plastic furniture are not durable and will need changing every year as they break easily and their colors fade away under the sun.

There are some ways you can save money, though. Usually in July and August, patio furniture are cheaper to buy as the fall season approaches. You can also consider less expensive materials such as aluminum, resin or inexpensive types of woods. Finally, yard sales and thrift shops are always options, where you can discover some great and unique items!

Now that you have those suggestions and tips in mind, you are ready to start planning your garden patio.

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