The Importance of Maintaining Your Washing Machine

Your washing machine is an essential white good, and if you have made a considerable investment in buying it, you want to make sure it has the longest possible service life. This means you get much better value for money, you save money on your energy bills, and your clothes are washed to a higher standard. Simply put, maintaining your washing machine is of paramount importance.

Protecting your investment long-term

Even “cheap” washing machines aren’t really cheap; whatever kind you have, you likely paid a pretty penny for it. To make that investment as sound as possible, your washing machine needs a long and reliable service life. As with every other kind of machine, however, it will need periodic maintenance to keep it working as reliably and efficiently as possible.

This comes in a number of different forms – it may be getting professional help to clean your washing machine, regularly having it examined, and ensuring any replacement parts are fitted as quickly as possible to prevent them doing further damage.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Washing Machine

What are the risks your washing machine faces?

There are several main factors that can affect the ongoing long-term reliability of your washing machine. The first is the build-up of limescale. The effects of limescale can be considerable, and not only damage your machine’s ability to work efficiently, but ultimately sacrifice the quality of the wash your laundry gets. Clothes can become itchy and uncomfortable, as well as not really coming out of the machine as clean as you want them.

There are many products you can get to help break down limescale if you live in a hard-water area. The truth is, however, that a professional clean by an experienced professional is a much more efficient way of keeping your washing machine free of limescale.

The other main issue is the gradual wear and tear of parts. The motor and the drum, particularly, are parts that are in constant use when your machine is on, and over time they can wear out. It can be much more cost and time-efficient to replace a part than to replace your whole machine. It’s also a much more environmentally friendly option, as an otherwise perfectly serviceable machine continues to be used rather than being dumped and traded for a new one.

You don’t have to wait until parts break before doing something about it. Arranging for regular yearly maintenance checks on your washing machine from an experienced professional can keep you ahead of the curve, by identifying potentially worn parts before they actually break.

Keeping your washing machine properly maintained will extend its useful service life by years.

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  1. I had no idea that a washing machine service is a thing. Very sensible!
    We have become accustomed to being a throwaway society but we simply can’t keep doing that.


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