The best things to do in the Mediterranean

When you mention the Mediterranean, you get a vision of breathtaking landscapes with enchanting views. The sun-kissed Mediterranean coast is dotted with charming villages and unique ports, where you can get off to discover the incredible history and rich culture of the Mediterranean region. It is time to take your Mediterranean travels to another high with a cruising trip.

Although there are many different cruise lines that sail in the Mediterranean, PONANT remains the first choice among most cruisers and for good reasons. You not only enjoy a perfect itinerary but can enjoy the cruise holiday amidst affordable luxury. Click here to know more about the French cruise company and learn about a wide range of yachts and sailboats that cruise along the Mediterranean.

The best things to do in the Mediterranean mediterranean-cruise-ship-©PONANT
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PONANT cruises will take you to some of the most popular countries and ports within the Mediterranean. Here are some great options and unforgettable cruises to explore:

Majestic Croatia

• Arrival and departure at Venice port

Cruise the Mediterranean to discover the beauty of Croatia and the hidden treasures along its coast. Swim in those turquoise waters as your voyage takes you on an opportunity to discover the sublime cities, the canals, and ancient buildings. Discover UNESCO World Heritage sites as you enter the heart of Croatian history. Visit Hvar, Rovinj, Pula, and more as you explore the Croatian coastlines.

Explore Serenissima

• Arrival at Venice port and departure at Athens port

Embark on a fantastic journey of discovery on a PONANT Mediterranean cruise. Start your voyage in the city of the gods, Athens, and do not miss the opportunity to visit the superb grandiose of the city. Sail towards the Bay of Kotor and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city of Kotor. Your voyage ends in Venice, the Serenissima, and it is indeed an unforgettable cruise.

Greece and the Italian coast

• Arrival at Civitavecchia port and departure at Athens port

Enter the classical world of the Mediterranean on an exciting cruise between Greece and the Italian coast. Discover harmonious islands of Sifnos in the Cyclades and enjoy trekking those mountain paths and gentle landscapes. Sail along the Corinth Canal and towards Katakolon where you visit Olympus archaeological site. On the way, you stop at one of the oldest cities in the world, Naples that boasts of baroque churches and the ancient palaces. Sail along the Italian coast and continue your journey of discovering lands overflowing with history.

Picture of cruise ship in the sea with beautiful scenery
Image credit: StudioPONANT Laure Patricot

Jordan to Greece

• Arrival at Athens port and departure at Aqaba port

Get ready for a cruising trip based on civilizations and mythologies as you sail from Jordan to Greece. The itinerary will sail you across the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and will combine history and archaeology. On the way, you see the Great Pyramids of Egypt, cross the world-famous Suez Canal and discover the largest of the Dodecanese islands. The region boasts of unique landscapes, white beaches with rocky coves.

The volcanic archipelago of Azores

• Arrival at Ponta Delgada port and departure at Ponta Delgada port

It would indeed be hard to resist the magic of the Azores as you embark on a brand-new cruise trip, that is specially designed by PONANT. Do not miss the chance to explore the most beautiful sites in the heart of the Atlantic. Discover the rich historical heritage of Terceira Island, that is home to Baroque monuments from the 16th and 17th centuries. Explore the spectacular cliffs of São Jorge as you sail further west, and later enjoy the vineyard landscapes of the mountainous island of Pico. Finally, discover the capital of the Azores, the old town of Ponta Delgada, its natural environment dotted with volcanic craters and hot springs.

If you fancy extending your world travels in a different direction, you could also discover the North Sea. Happy exploring!

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