Educational Essentials (Stationery Giveaway)

I home educate Squiggle, so naturally we have plenty of educational supplies! But whether you home ed or not, as parents it is important that we allow our kids to get familiar with all tools needed to support their education. From using calculators in Maths, to highlighters to help summarise questions, it is certainly worth … Read more

5 Ways to Develop Good Essay Writing Skills in English

If you are in secondary school (high school), college or university, you have undoubtedly encountered writing essays. They are the most common assignment in upper secondary school, college, and university; the average student writes one to three essays each week. Essay writing can be confusing though, especially if you are new to it. Writing an … Read more

World Poetry Day

In celebration of World Poetry Day today, Viking Direct kindly sent us a box of goodies to help inspire us to write some beautiful poems.  Squiggle has previously written several poems and we have discussed different types of poetry before too. For example, we talked about what a cinquain poem is and wrote one together. We have … Read more

Sylvanian Families Photo Captions

Squiggle has been taking it easy today because her energy levels are very low at the moment. But that didn’t stop her from getting the inspiration to create some simple Sylvanian Families scenes, then take photos of them and write captions. I love how Sylvanian Families continue to inspire her in such a variety of … Read more

30 Days Wild- Day 13: Nature Alphabet Hunt

Can you find something beginning with every letter in 5 minutes? We found half the alphabet, can you beat us?! Also, remember #WorldMeatFreeDay is today! What are you having for dinner?

30 Days Wild- Day 8: World Oceans Day

As it is World Oceans Day, Squiggle’s challenge for today was to write down her 4 favourite things about the ocean. This is her message… my four favourite fings arr boats seals paddling/ dippin my towws wayales (whales) My challenge for today is to take action to protect the ocean, by sharing information with my … Read more

30 Days Wild – Day 2: Nature Walk

For day two of our #30DaysWild challenge, Squiggle and I went on a nature walk. We spent lots of time studying things and taking photos. In fact, Squiggle took so many lovely pictures that we decided sorting through them and sharing them could be one of her future challenges for another day! We were also … Read more