Financial Planning for Students

If you are planning to go to university, or are the parent of a potential or soon-to-be uni student, here are some useful financial planning tips for students… Find Affordable Accommodation One of the big outlays as a student is your accommodation; you need somewhere to live that gives you the best conditions to study … Read more

How to Make the Decision to Get an Online Education

How to Make the Decision to Get an Online Education

Whether you are considering going back to school or going for the very first time, getting a degree online is a huge decision, possibly one of the biggest you will have to consider. So, is getting an online education a good idea? Most universities offer online classes now, and many offer full online degree programs, … Read more

Moving Away to University? Here’s What You Need to Know

Moving away from home to go to university is an exciting milestone. It’s the first time that you experience true independence; you’re in a new place, away from home and living the way you choose without rules or curfews. Despite being legally an adult when moving away to university, most people are actually far less … Read more

Qualifications That Can Lead To A Job

When you are choosing a degree to study, you might want to pick one that has the highest possibility of getting you a job as soon as you graduate. With that in mind, here are three degree qualifications that can lead directly to a job… Medicine Medicine degrees have the highest possibility of getting you … Read more