What To Expect On Your First Safari: Guest Post by Micaela at Stylish London Living

Have you been dreaming of booking your first Safari? Can’t wait to get up close with Africa’s extraordinary wildlife? Worried about what to expect once you’ve booked? Last year my sister and I took the plunge and experienced our first, and hopefully not last, Safari with a 7 night itinerary in Kenya. I am a … Read more

Creating a Care Package for Your Favorite Wanderer

For many people, the idea of a slow-paced, predictable, and consistent lifestyle is exactly what they want and dream of. For others though, being on the move and living a lifestyle that is flexible and full of changes of scenery and experiences is the only way they can imagine living their lives. But exploring and … Read more

Managing Transport in A New Country Using Bookaway

Managing Transport in A New Country Using Bookaway

Let’s face it; it is indeed not easy to look for convenient and comfortable transportation in a new country, especially if it is in the developing part of the world. Despite the steady demand for improved transportation in developing countries, these countries still lack the enhanced mobility needed by the locals and the tourists. Moreover, … Read more

Top Destinations in Malaysia for Foodies

Malaysia is world famous for its island, beaches, and rainforests, and the Southeast Asian country carries Chinese, Indian, Malay and European cultural influences. Kuala Lumpur its capital is home to colonial buildings and busy shopping districts. However, if you are going to Malaysia, you are in for another real treat, and it is the food. … Read more

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