Sports Challenge: Great British Tennis Weekend

Today we had a lovely time playing tennis (for free!) as part of the Great British Tennis Weekend. I found out about this event through social media and was pleased to discover that there were various opportunities to take part locally. Booking was easy via the online system and our family time session could also be easily amended if/ when needed. Equipment was also available to borrow during these sessions free of charge. This was also brilliant timing, as Squiggle was so excited to be able to include it in her #SportsChallenge

During our session at Verulamium park, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, and the instructor was very understanding of Squiggle’s needs. We had a great time! For more information, check out the Lawn Tennis Association website here

Sports Challenge: Developing Skills

For the first few days of her Sports Challenge, Squiggle practised her skills for a different sport each day. Day one was football skills, second day tennis skills, day three she developed her hockey skills in the garden and today (day 4) she decided to shoot some hoops to practise her basketball skills…

Day two: Tennis skills at Aldenham SEN playground.

Day four: Basketball skills at Highfield Park.

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