#Blogtober 2016 – Day 30: A Letter To Someone

First of all here is an open letter to Squiggle… Hi sweetheart Be yourself. You’re awesome. Remember to always see the best in all situations, attitude is everything! And know that I am here, always. I love you more than anything.  All my love Mum xxxxxxxxx Secondly, here are a couple of letters from my … Read more

#Blogtober 2016 – Day One: Who Are You?

​Hi everyone!  I’m taking part in #Blogtober16 (at the 11th hour I might add!) so today is all about ME!!! For those who don’t know, blogtober 2016 is 31 days of posts with a different set theme each day, hosted by www.hexmumblog.com  I am also doing the Project Green Challenge too this month so October is a busy … Read more