Wicked Uncle – Ideal Gifts For Kids (#AD)

*This is a sponsored post Wicked Uncle is a cool website that specialises in awesome gifts for kids. More than that, it is set up to make it easy for anyone to be able to choose a brilliant suitable present – even if they don’t know the child very well. It is also great if … Read more

Changing Food Shopping Habits To Reduce Food Waste

One of the key principles of Zero Waste Week is reduce; this doesn’t just apply to plastics but also to food. Of course, no-one should ever go hungry; positive habits are not built from depriving yourself or others. However, changing food shopping habits do have an impact of how much food we waste; so today … Read more

Is a Monthly Payment Plan the Right Option for You?

Purchasing something on a monthly payment plan may seem like a great option at first glance. However, many consumers fail to do their homework before taking on such a deal.  Low monthly payments and spreading the costs over a period strike as the perfect way to get something you want, to avoid a large immediate … Read more

EcoHonesty: A New Ethical Marketplace

*EcoHonesty will kindly be sending me some gifts in exchange for spreading the word about their new ethical marketplace. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.* EcoHonesty is a brand new site that describes itself as an ethical marketplace; it is essentially a shopping platform for eco-friendly ethical products. It hosts a selection … Read more

Net Zero Co (Sustainable Products): Round-up and Giveaway

Net Zero Co (Sustainable Products): Round-up and Giveaway

I originally wrote about Net Zero Co in my sustainable gift guide a couple of weeks back. However, I didn’t want anyone to miss out on finding about this lovely eco company, or the chance to win a bamboo hair brush and toothbrush set, so I felt it deserves its own separate post! Net Zero … Read more

Why I Prefer Shoe Shopping Online

Why I Prefer Shoe Shopping Online

Honestly, buying shoes can be a bit of a hassle sometimes; too often the sizes reflect the length but do not always offer a choice of width sizes, yet so many have wide feet. Squiggle and I are both familiar with this. Having wide feet, if not managed properly, can lead to a varied array … Read more

Should We Start Thinking Of Christmas Gifting Just Yet?

Should We Start Thinking Of Christmas Gifting Just Yet?

These days it feels like Christmas is always just around the corner. You get through the festive season just to hear talk about the next. Whilst some love and embrace this, many find it overwhelming and frustrating. It can be especially difficult when you hear this echoed all around. Even if you manage to avoid … Read more

The Diderot Effect: How Does Our Spending Fuel More Spending?

The Diderot Effect: how does our spending fuel more spending?

The Diderot Effect: how does our spending fuel more spending? Who was Diderot? Denis Diderot was a French philosopher who lived in the mid-1700s. Despite being a very intelligent and talented man, for pretty much all his life, he lived in poverty…until 1765. His luck suddenly changed in his early 50s when Catherine the Great … Read more

Review: Wonderbra and Lepel Underwear Sets from UK Lingerie


The lovely people at UK lingerie very kindly let me loose on their website to choose some underwear to review. This took me quite sometime, and by the end I had a very long wishlist; they have a huge selection of beautiful garments! Eventually I settled on a gorgeous red matching bralette and knickers set … Read more