A Quick Cuppa With… Notaneffingfairytale

If, like me, you could do with some lighthearted relief about now then you are in for a treat! Today my hilarious guest poster is stand up comic, actor and comedy writer Cookie Kibbles. Enjoy!

A Quick Cuppa With, notaneffingfairytale, Cookie Kibbles, interview, Q and A, guest post, Living Life Our Way

Hi! Please start by introducing yourself…

My name is Cookie Kibbles and I am the writer of NotaneffingfairytaleI am a stand up comic, actor and comedy writer by trade (i.e I am skint), and I have two children – a toddler and a teenager which I can tell you, isn’t funny AT ALL. 

Name one random fact about yourself.

I once kissed Liam Gallagher and it was crap.

*(Living Life Our Way disclaimer: this is the guest poster’s opinion only, and the fact can not be verified 😉 LOL)*

(Excuse me a minute while I stop laughing!) Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Dawn French. She is a brilliant, brilliant comic writer and actress and a lovely person too. If I could have anyone’s career, it would be hers. Right from the early days of her career everything she has done has been amazing.

Tell me about your blog. What is the main theme? What inspired you to start it? 

My blog is an odd one, it’s a collection of articles that I have written, some of which have been published and some for my own amusement. It is a mixed bag of comedy, parenting, relationships and anything else that interests me. It started life as a parenting blog, but it’s now mainly about anything that I want it to be – relationships, life etc… And swearing. I like swearing. I either write with a comic slant or very seriously and I probably over share way too much.

I also do a series of stories about ‘Mummy Princess’; a fat, functioning alcoholic Princess who is married to an idiot. It’s mainly based on my life and it’s where the whole Notaneffingfairytale idea came from.

Most of the comedy based blogs start out as notes for stand up sets and are then expanded into articles.

Do you blog full time or do you work as well? How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

I am totally the wrong person to give advice on this one, seeing as my life revolves around watching Jeremy Kyle and the Kardashians. 

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

Don’t worry about what you are writing, write the things that you like. 

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’? 

I drink. At home, at the pub, I am not picky. For me it’s important to have my own life away from my husband and children, so I see friends in the evenings quite often.

What are your favourite family activities? 

Oh God, after 14 years of this parenting lark, I would have to say not many. Sad, but true. When my son was small I did all the zoo’s, soft play centers and days out and most of the time, it was a real slog and none of us enjoyed it. It was a never ending chore of tantrums when we’d have all been better off staying at home.

This time around, I have a toddler who is a real homebody. She loves animals though, so I do take her to the local urban farm from time to time. But this time, I don’t feel the pressure to be out and doing family activities.

Christ, I sound like a miserable old git!

Where is your favourite place to visit?

Pub, pub lunch, more pub, chippy on way home.

(Seriously though – Hounslow Urban Farm in west London is pretty near us and a nice place to visit).

If you fancy a laugh and want to read more from Cookie then head on over to her at the following places:

Blog: www.notaneffingfairytaleblog.com


Instagram: instagram.com/cookiekibbles

Twitter: @cookiekibbles

A Quick Cuppa With… Not A Perfect Parent

​Continuing with my guest series, I have another blogger for you today; the lovely Naomi from Not A Perfect Parent. So grab yourself a cuppa and welcome Naomi to my little home on the internet…

A Quick Cuppa With, Not A Perfect Parent, blogger, guest post, interview, Q and A, Living Life Our Way

Hello Naomi! Please introduce yourself…
I’m Naomi! I got engaged to Babs in January 2015 and then Lola was born in January 2016! We live in Maidstone, Kent and hopefully moving soon as we desperately need a bigger place for all Lola’s toys! Babs and I met whilst we were working together a few years ago, I left the company and then he left, I went back and then he went back! That’s when we got together!  I fell pregnant only 6 months after we got together and it was 1000% the right thing regardless of what anybody said about us not being together long enough! Lola is our entire world!

Name one random fact about yourself.

I have a degree in Music and Education Studies! I’ve always wanted to be a music therapist! One day that dream may come true but I don’t think it will be any time soon!

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Giovanna Fletcher! She is fantastic, she is so down to earth and speaks about everything that would not normally be spoken about. I love that she speaks out about post baby bodies, breastfeeding and baby led weaning! Her new book is released soon and I really can’t wait!

Tell me about your blog. What is the main theme? What inspired you to start it? 

I decided to start my blog as something to look back on as Lola is growing up. She has grown so quickly and I already find myself thinking I must go back and look at what she was doing each month! Each month I include a monthly update on Lola and everything else is around Parenting and Lifestyle. I post a lot about breastfeeding, baby led weaning and challenges with a baby!

Do you blog full time or do you work as well? How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

I’m a stay at home mummy to Lola. It worked out so much more cost in childcare than me going back to work. I would love to be able to spend more time blogging but I don’t get a chance as I’m too busy chasing Lola everywhere! The fortunate thing is that as I’m not working it means that Lola and I have managed to go to quite a few events that we would not have necessarily been able to attend if I was working.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

Enjoy what you write! I stupidly took on a few too many reviews a while ago so I felt like all I was writing was reviews which seemed to loose the point of my blog. I now try to make sure if I’m taking on a few reviews at once that I set myself different deadlines so I can have a mixture of posts on my blog!

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’? 

I don’t know what free time is anymore! If I could have a couple of hours free I would just curl up on the sofa, eating rubbish and watching crappy TV!

What are your favourite family activities? 

Swimming! Lola absolutely loves swimming! It’s lovely seeing her so happy when in the water she really is truly a water baby! Lola also loves our days out as we have been to so many different places using our English Heritage membership.

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

I love Knole Park but surprisingly I’ve only been once with Lola since she was born! I love that you can walk through the grounds of Knole Park and have the deer running round you! We have been to Cobtree Country Park a few times and also Mote Park as they are both great places for going for long walks and have fantastic cafes for once you are exhausted! Especially in this weather to warm up as well!!

Best family day out? 

We love going to Zoo’s! Lola first visited the zoo when she was 6 weeks old as we have annual passes and we make sure to visit every few months. Our annual pass is for Howletts Zoo in Kent and I really don’t know what we will do when it expires in February! Since Lola was born we have also been to London Zoo, Paradise Wildlife Park and Smarden Wildlife Heritage Foundation.

Thank you for taking part Naomi, lovely to ‘meet’ you!

You can find Naomi here:

Website: notaperfectparent.com

Instagram: notaperfectparent

Twitter: naomiemma

Facebook: notaperfectparent

A Quick Cuppa With… Pure Nourish

I hope everyone is ok? Yesterday might have been considered blue Monday, but I hope it passed by in a rainbow of colours for you all! And if it didn’t, I hope today feels a little brighter… and please remember my inbox is always open!

Today my guest post series features Latoya of Pure Nourish talking about her biggest inspirations and her love of reading…

A Quick Cuppa With, Pure Nourish, blogger, guest post, interview, Q and A, Living Life Our Way

Hi Latoya, thanks for being part of my guest series! Can you start by telling us abit about yourself?

I was born in South Africa and moved to Scotland when I was 8. I now live in Manchester with my partner, Drew and my daughter, Amber.

Name one random fact about yourself.

I have a Dettol obsession.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Blogger wise I love Zanna van Dijk and The Food Medic, they both give professional health and fitness tips and balance careers whilst being successful bloggers. Away from blogging Oprah and Michelle Obama. Both fiercely independent women who have came from very little to become the women they are today.

Tell me about your blog. What is the main theme? What inspired you to start it?

My blog started off just covering Nutrition, I had just given birth and I wanted to document my change in lifestyle and better food choices. It now covers health, food and lifestyle.

Do you blog full time or do you work as well? How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

At the moment I blog full-time and work 3/4 days a week during school hours. It is hard to juggle both and be a mum but I get up an hour earlier to do any admin like emails, schedule tweets and promote new posts. I also blog a lot at night once Amber is asleep.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

Don’t compare yourself to others. When I started out I would get frustrated at not being able to get to the gym as much as some health bloggers or have as much time to post recipes. But I was balancing work and being a mum and they were students with more time. It can be upsetting if other bloggers are getting opportunities that you aren’t, but if you work hard and network those opportunities will come your way.

Such wise sensible advice! I completely agree, thanks for that reminder. How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’?

I love reading, especially self-help books and self-development. My aim for 2017 is to read a book a month. Away from reading I enjoy walks with my family and I always make time to watch Coronation Street.

What are your favourite family activities, apart from walks?

Going for meals, we usually go for a nice lunch twice a month. We also enjoy country walks and art-based crafts.

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

Our local park. Nice and close and it’s always quiet and well maintained.

Best family day out?

A family swim followed by ice-cream and home for Disney movies.

Sounds fabulous 🙂 

Thank you again for taking part!

You can find Latoya at her blog…


Or on instagram…


A Quick Cuppa With… Mummy Lauretta

How are we up to the middle of January already? That seems impossible! Anyway, joining me for a quick cuppa today is mum of identical twin boys, Laura. 

A Quick Cuppa With, Mummy Lauretta, blogger, guest post, interview, Q and A, Living Life Our Way

Hi Laura! Firstly please take a moment to introduce yourself…
My name is Laura, I’m 34 and a mum to 5 year old identical twin boys. I live in Nottingham with my partner who is Italian. I work 3 days a week in an office and qualified as an NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor and Antenatal Practitioner last year.

My blog Mummy Lauretta is really in its infancy.  I started it in September last year. I’ve wanted to do it for a long time but what with studying and volunteering I’ve never found the time until now.  It’s a parenting and lifestyle blog.  I’m focusing on my life as a twin mum, family recipes and other things that interest me such as our days out, holidays and natural products I use.

My initial training is in languages. I graduated with a degree in Italian & Spanish in 2004. Everyone asks if that’s how I met my partner but we actually met randomly in a nightclub in Nottingham in the summer of 2003!

You sound busy! How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

I work 3 days a week now my boys are at school and with my NCT work and keeping the house clean etc I’m super busy.  I’m mostly working on my blog in the evenings when the boys have gone to bed so it’s slow progress but knowing that people are starting to read my work is amazing.  I have a calendar in the kitchen that is also a family organiser. Everyone has a column plus there is another for birthdays and other events.  As long as everything is written down on there I know what is going on and can keep on top of everything!

How do you relax? I’m not sure ‘spare’ time is the right word?! 😉

I’m part of a dance group and go to a class once a week. It’s only an hour but it’s my time where I can relax and de-stress.  When I’m in the mood and find time I love to read too. I recently read ‘Me before you’ during the Christmas break.

Who is your biggest inspiration? 
I suppose I would have to say my boys. They are constantly asking questions and look at the world so innocently.  Although sometimes it drives me crazy, it also makes me want to find out new things and expand my horizons.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

I’m so new to this that I’m not sure I can give any advice yet but if I had to say something thing it would be to just write about what you love and what inspires you.  Also read lots and aim to keep learning are two of my goals for 2017 🙂

Life with twins must be fun! What are your favourite family activities? 

We don’t get that much time to spend together as a foursome so our most common thing to do is to go to the park.  The boys take their bikes and we walk. We also love to watch family films together. For example, we recently watched Zootropolis and Kung Fu Panda 3.

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

Rushcliffe Country Park. It takes about half an hour in the car to get there from our house but is brilliant for a family day out.  The children’s play area in my opinion is the best in the area with something for children big and small.  There is lots of green space, picnic areas, a lake, cycle paths, outdoor gym, bmx track and skateboard/scooter ramps.  All for a £1 voluntary car parking fee. The boys learnt to ride their bikes without stabilisers there this summer.

Best family day out? 

White Post Farm  – it’s a 15 minute drive from our house and we have spent so much time there. When the boys were 2 we got annual passes and were there on Wednesday afternoons nearly every week. The boys loved it and had their 3rd and 4th Birthday parties there.  There are animals outside and indoors, trampolines, a go kart track, outdoor play area, indoor soft play, indoor sledge track, lovely cafe and farm shop and pet shop too, something for everyone. 

A Quick Cuppa With, Mummy Lauretta, blogger, Peter Jones Photography, photographer, guest post, interview, Q and A, Living Life Our Way
Photo taken by Peter Jones (Laura’s brother) www.peterjones.photography

Photo Credit: Peter Jones Photography 

Thank you for taking part and all the best with your goals for 2017! 

You can find Laura here…

Website: www.mummylauretta.com

Twitter: @mummylauretta

Instagram: @mummylauretta

Facebook: facebook.com/Mummy-Lauretta

Pinterest: mummylauretta

A Quick Cuppa With… The Speed Bump

Due to the popularity of this guest post series, I am excited to announce that I am hosting it twice per week! Every Tuesday and Saturday, I will be doing a quick interview with a blogger or small business owner to find out more about them. I do love a natter, even when it’s a virtual one! 

Today my Q&A is with Maddy, who is a fab mum blogger at The Speed Bump.

A Quick Cuppa With, The Speed Bump, blogger, guest post, interview, Q and A

Welcome and thank you for getting involved! Tell me about yourself…

My name is Maddy, I’m 22 and I live in North Wales with my new husband Daf and our two-year-old daughter Celyn.

Name one random fact about yourself. 

I have an octopus phobia. I’m terrified of them!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Probably my mum. She’s had to deal with so many hardships and difficulties in her life and she just takes them in her stride and handles them like a boss.

Tell me about your blog. What is the main theme?

What inspired you to start it? My blog is The Speed Bump. It started in 2013 when I found out I was pregnant at 19. I felt like all the pregnancy information I’d been handed didn’t feel relevant to me in the slightest, so I started my own blog in the hopes that other people in my situation would find it useful too. Over time it’s followed me through pregnancy, and then balancing having a newborn and studying, and now adjusting to the big wide world!

Do you blog full time or do you work as well? How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

I’m a stay-at-home mum, but I prefer to think of myself as blogging full time! 😉 I juggle my time by sticking Fireman Sam on Netflix and writing while my daughter is distracted!

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

If you’re not loving what you’re doing, stop doing it. Your passion shows in your writing, and your blog is so personal – write what you want, not what you think others want to read.

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’?

I love video games! If I’ve got free time I’ll probably be on the PS4.

What are your favourite family activities?

We love going to the park. My daughter is at the age where she’s obsessed with parks right now, so we always end up spending hours there, but it’s nice to spend time together as a family. We also love sitting together and reading – The Gruffalo is her favourite.

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

It would have to be the beach. We love going for walks on the beach – we went to Butlins for our honeymoon over Christmas, and even went for a walk on Minehead beach on Christmas Day!

Best family day out? 

Chester Zoo. It’s not too far from us, there are so many animals to see and you can spend a lovely day wandering around.

It has been great reading about you and your beautiful family Maddy, thank you so much for sharing!

Read more from Maddy here…


Facebook: thespeedbumpblog

Twitter: @maddyleigh1994

Instagram: @thespeedbumpblog

A Quick Cuppa With… Devon Mama

Today, I have the pleasure of ‘meeting’ Hayley, who blogs at Devon Mama​. Here she is talking about her whirlwind 18 months, her love of the beach and her hatred of lasagne… 

A Quick Cuppa With, Devon Mama, blogger, interview, Q and A

Hi Hayley, thank you for taking part! Tell me about yourself…

Hi, I’m Hayley and I live in rural Devon with my husband, son and our very bouncy dog. In the last 18 months, we’ve gotten married, had our little boy and I’ve turned 30 – it’s been a bit of a whirlwind! 

Exciting times – congratulations!

Tell me a random fact about yourself, anything at all…

I have a genuine fear of lasagne. It makes me feel physically sick just thinking about it!

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Anyone who manages to juggle parenting with his or her career and get that balance right. I love the uprising of mum-preneurs. Although I REALLY hate that term! 

Tell me about your blog. What is the main theme? What inspired you to start it? 

Devon Mama is primarily about parenting and the ups and downs that go with it. I try to cover family friendly recipes, reviews of products that we’ve used and insights into how I’ve found parenting… things like ‘The 6 Stages of Making New Mum Friends’ or a piece on bullying by medical professionals when I felt like my health visitor was railroading me. 

I started the blog when I was midway through my pregnancy as a way to keep a bit of ‘me-time’ and document how I was feeling. I didn’t really commit to it properly until my son was four months old. I got lost in a baby mist and just didn’t have the time. Since that point I’ve tried to give myself the time to do it and use it as an outlet for frustrations as well as a memory book of our adventures.

Do you blog full time or do you work as well? How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

I blog in my free time (well, the late evening and early morning!) alongside working part-time and raising our son. I’ve recently returned to work two and a half days a week with some of that being at home. The hardest bit has been getting that balance between the two and not feeling like I’m compromising on both. My tip? Make sure you find childcare that you LOVE. We found a great nursery that goes on walks around the village, has a huge outdoor area and plenty of staff-children. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews and can only praise it so far. If you’re happy that your child’s being looked after then it makes it far easier on you all.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

Get involved with other bloggers. I always thought it was a bit airy-fairy when people talked of ‘the community’ but I’ve found a number of friends through blogging. I’ve found Twitter to be the best way to connect to people at the beginning and from that I’ve joined Facebook support groups, general chat groups on Twitter and blogging support on Instagram. It’s like having a cheerleading squad of likeminded people that previously I never would have met. Plus, they’ve inspired me to do more with my blog! 

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’? 

I enjoy walking the dog – thankfully we live in a beautiful part of the world for it. I’ve made some great friends through my son and often catch up with them. If it’s just me at home, I love blogging, reading and watching trashy US TV shows… There’s just not enough free time these days!

Since Living Life Our Way is a family lifestyle blog, I’d love to hear more about yours…

What are your favourite family activities? 

We love to cook and I can’t wait until our son is old enough to join in more. We live by the beach so can often be found down there, especially in the winter. It’s a beautiful place to go for a stroll and blow away the cobwebs. Finally, we spend a lot of time with our extended family. 

Both my husband and I have huge families that live within a 15 minute radius of us. Our weekends are normally jam packed with visiting them and catching up with grandparents, parents, cousins… the list goes on! I loved growing up with family members so close and I want that same upbringing for my children.

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

The beach, for all the reasons mentioned above. In the summer, it’s always heaving with people so we prefer to stay home but I’ve spent many a summer’s evening on the beach with friends; eating, drinking and being silly! In the winter, it’s even more special. There really is nothing better for the soul, especially if you’re in a little bit of a baby funk. We strap on the baby carrier or get out the pram and go for a good walk by the sea. It’s definitely refreshing!

Best family day out? 

Stourhead Estate in Wiltshire. The gardens are beautiful, there’s loads of space for children to run around and there’s a pub on the estate. Plus it’s National Trust so it just FEELS educational! I’ve written before about my extreme love for the place, it’s one of my absolute favourites.

Thank you so much for taking part!

A Quick Cuppa With, Devon Mama, blogger, interview, Q and ADevon Mama is run by Hayley; a 30 year old mama, wife and recovering sleep addict. Living with her husband, baby and the world’s bounciest dog in rural Devon, Hayley can be found attempting to cook, Googling everything and embracing the strange new world that is parenting. Add in a house with ‘a lot of potential’ and a return to her ‘real’ job as a Company Director and it’s organized chaos at the best of times.

You can follow her adventures here:




A Quick Cuppa With… Stephanie (Avec Amour) 

Today, the wonderfully creative and very lovely Stephanie from Avec Amour is chatting to me about her recent wedding and honeymoon, and how she found herself running a lovely little business selling gorgeous handcrafted home decor items and gifts shortly after…

A Quick Cuppa With, Avec Amour, handmade items, creative, interview, Q and A, guest post, small business, competition, giveaway, picture frame, candle jar

Thanks for taking part Stephanie! Tell me about yourself and your business…

My name is Stephanie and I’m almost 23 years old. I live in a town called Workington which is in Cumbria, North West of England. My hobbies include: animals, shopping, photography, horror movies, travelling (especially to USA) and anything that involves creativity! This year has been a very busy one for me because in the summer something wonderful happened; I married my best friend, Joe.

Joe was my high school sweetheart and we have now been together for over 8 years! Like all relationships it has been a roller coaster but I’m lucky and grateful to have such a loving, caring and family-oriented man for a Husband. We are planning to travel a bit more before we start our family.

After leaving school, I took (a few more than average!) wrong turns in my life. Joe started an apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering which he absolutely loved, so I thought an apprenticeship would suit me too after hearing so many great things about them. I was an apprentice teaching assistant in a primary school for one year and then they didn’t have enough funding to keep me after that.

For a while I took some time to think about something else I could maybe try. I thought that because I am a very organised person, maybe office work would be suitable for me. I worked in three different office environments in 2014 and 2015 and because I was young with a sensitive personality, I was picked on and bullied in all three of these places with the last one being being the worst. It got so bad that Joe and my parents told me that they wanted me to leave, so I did for my sake of my health.

I have since got my health back on track and I’m much happier! My creativity started to shine through at the beginning of 2016 and at least once a week I got the urge to be creative. The results were handmade wedding invitations and a lot of handmade wedding decor; and subsequently many compliments from our wedding guests!

We spent our honeymoon in Florida. We did the lot, including Disney World and Universal Studios, which includes The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! My Husband and I are both huge fans of Disney and Harry Potter. We thoroughly enjoyed our honeymoon; Joe even more so, because it was his first time in the USA.

So after getting home I got the urge to create some Disney and Harry Potter themed home decor items, and then I thought… I love doing things like this, maybe I could start a little hobby business, because why not? Take a risk and do it, because life is too short. Joe was 100% for it too because all he wants is for me to be happy. Then I gathered up all of my ideas and started my business.

Wow. That’s such a lovely answer, thank you for sharing!

Do you have any specific goals or hopes for your business this coming year?

My only goals are: to create items that brighten up the days of others and to continue to gain joy out of it. If I’m inspired enough to come up with any ideas for a brand new product then that would be a bonus!

Love it, what a great goal!

Tell me one random fact about yourself…

A random fact.. I’m addicted to drinking tea!

What is your favourite outdoor activity?

I will admit that I don’t do lots of outdoor activities at the moment but I enjoy the occasional long forest walk with my Husband.

A lovely long walk in the woods is very relaxing I find! And you live in such a beautiful part of England too; fabulous for outdoor walks I’m sure! So if you could tell someone visiting your part of the country for the first time just one outdoor place they simply must go, where would you suggest?

For someone visiting Cumbria for the beautiful outdoors and scenery, I would recommend Whinlatter because the forests are absolutely beautiful and Go Ape! is also there, which is great fun for families/couples.

Sounds amazing!

Thank you so much for chatting to me Stephanie, and all the best with your fab business. 

Check out Stephanie’s beautiful range of items at www.facebook.com/avecamourx  

She has generously offered a wonderful prize to one lucky winner, consisting of a pretty Lace & Ribbon Candle Jar (with a choice of 10 different ribbon colours) and a gorgeous Themed Picture Frame (either Disney, Harry Potter or Wedding themed). Enter via rafflecopter below. (T&Cs apply)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’m sure she would appreciate some love over on her page, so do pop over to take a peek! 

The (Not Big Or Fat) Quiz Of The Year!

Since it’s the end of the year, here is a little Q&A quiz just for fun, to reflect on this past year and look ahead to 2017…

What was your highlight of 2016?

Getting my first paid opportunity from my blog! (Not because of the money itself but because of the sense of achievement and what it represented!) There were lots of non blog-related highlights too, of course, but since I am currently writing this as a blog post and my head is on blogging goals etc… it’s the first thing that came to my mind at this moment in time lol!

Name one thing you are most likely to remember about 2016 if asked in five years time?

Hmmm. Brexit and Trump sadly I think will come to my mind. And the loss of so many greats. Hopefully I will also remember it as the year of so much personal growth in all aspects of my life too though.

Sum up 2016 in one word.


Name one pearl of wisdom from 2016 that you will carry with you through 2017.

I have surrounded myself with some hugely inspirational people this year. They have helped me to grow in a number of ways that I most certainly will carry with me. I think this deserves a separate post of its own to be honest!

Do you have any new year resolutions?

I don’t really do new year resolutions as such, I prefer to set myself goals throughout the year instead.

How are you seeing in the new year?

I’ll be at home. We do a fake new year earlier in the evening so Squiggle can get to bed when she is tired, due to her needs. Hopefully she won’t get disturbed once asleep but that’s probably abit optimistic!

What would you most like to do in 2017?

Travel. Anywhere really!

What are your main goals for 2017?

Continue to grow my blog. Help Squiggle to develop her etsy shop selling sustainable clothes with her own designs. Collaborate with others, and support some awesome charities.

I tag Mummy FoxThey Grow So QuickThe Baby Boat DiariesJust Average JenSophie Ella and MeAccidental Hipster MumBig Man in the WoodsEmma Plus ThreeWaffle MamaTo Aufinity And BeyondLisa Cowan and Living With A Jude to answer these questions next. I look forward to reading your posts! 

The Not Big or Fat Quiz of the Year, end of year quiz, 2017, new year resolutions, new year tag, Q and A, blogger, about me

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy New Year! 

A Quick Cuppa With… Kerry (Discovery Bubbas)

I am so excited to have the lovely Kerry of Discovery bubbas as my very first guest on this new series! Here she is, talking to us about being an ‘outside of the box’ thinker, her love of outdoors, and her future hopes…

A Quick Cuppa With, Discovery bubbas, sensory class, creative play, baby and toddler class, educational activities, family fun, Hertfordshire, interview, Q and A, guest post, small business, competition, giveaway, free sessions

Welcome Kerry, and thanks for being my first guest 🙂 Tell me about yourself!

I am a mummy to one 2.5 year old girl and a wife to a musical and hard working man. I was a nursery nurse prior to having my little one, so I am qualified and experienced in childcare and early years education. I initially took up some nannying when my daughter was 11months old, which was lovely because I could take her with me and she became friends with the family’s own little girl. I stopped nannying because I was at the same time just developing my ideas and starting up my Discovery bubbas group- which is sensory, messy exploration and creative play sessions.

Sounds interesting! What inspired you to set these sessions up?

I decided to set up and run these type of sessions/class because I love it! All of that kind of play was my favourite thing to plan for and watch the children enjoy, and it is very beneficial to their development as it links in with many areas in the EYFS- EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE. 

Totally relate- we love creative activities and really value the importance of sensory activities/ messy play too! I’d love to hear more about your family and how you spend your time, when you’re not busy with Discovery bubbas of course!

As for my family life, my husband and I like to think of ourselves as ‘outside of the box thinkers’ – in tune with the wider picture of things, and we are quite compassionate people. If we could, we would live in an open space or wood and help animals and people who need it. I am very much into nature and natural ways of living and approaches to health, and I do try to use natural based products for home and on ourselves. I try to get outside every day with my daughter, even if it’s a quick play in the garden or park, but I do love a good walk and climb of the trees in the woods. My daughter has developed quite good balance from walking along fallen tree trunks. 🙂 

We love outdoors and nature here at Living Life Our Way… Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

Our favourite outdoor place to visit is Shenley Park, its just a lovely place to visit with the orchard and little wooded bit to walk through. Plus tea rooms for a bite to eat or drink, and a little animal area with rabbits, guinea pigs and chicken to look at, and feed if you want to. There’s also a walled garden which regularly runs events or can just be a nice quiet place to walk round and sit.

It sounds like somewhere we would love too, especially with the animals to feed! What’s your favourite animal and why?

We have 2 cats and I always have had cats since I was little, love them, they can be playful and affectionate but also they have their own personalities. I have also always loved Dolphins- not quite sure why I just think they are magnificent animals, so intelligent and kind and interesting to watch. 

It’s been lovely getting to know you! Anything else you want to tell us about yourself or Discovery bubbas before you go?

I am hoping to develop a range of busy bags, create, make and do craft kits, other ‘on the go’ activity kits, mini treasure/discovery baskets, STEAM challenge/activity kits and maybe more. 

Sounds exciting- we will watch this space! Thanks so much for taking part!

For more information about Discovery bubbas see their website or facebook page.

Kerry is also kindly giving away four free Discovery bubbas sessions to one lucky winner! Simply enter via rafflecopter below. 

T&Cs apply. Please also remember that the classes are for children from 6 months to 5 years old, and you need to be able to get to these Hertfordshire based sessions under your own steam – transport is not provided! Thank you and good luck 🙂