World Poetry Day

In celebration of World Poetry Day today, Viking Direct kindly sent us a box of goodies to help inspire us to write some beautiful poems. 

World Poetry Day, poems, activities at home, events, Home Education, poetry, writing

Squiggle has previously written several poems and we have discussed different types of poetry before too. For example, we talked about what a cinquain poem is and wrote one together. We have also made a shape poem, and Squiggle once wrote a descriptive rainbow colours poem using a poetry template from Twinkl to help her. But Squiggle’s personal favourite type are acrostic poems; she wrote one about nature as part of our 30 Days Wild challenge last June, and has written plenty more since!

World Poetry Day, Acrostic poem, nature poem, activities at home, events, Home Education, poetry, writing

To celebrate World Poetry Day this year, firstly we revisited different types of poems that we had already learnt about previously. Then we moved our discussion onto poetry form and structure, so focused on rhyming couplets in particular. We picked a favourite topic to write about (Squiggle chose Sylvanian Families!) then started jotting down ideas and rhyming words that fitted the subject, before turning them into simple rhyming couplets. 

World Poetry Day, poems, activities at home, events, Home Education, poetry, writing

Here is one of her rhyming couplets:

Sylvanians are such fun,

I love to play with them out in the sun!

Next she made up an acrostic poem about seals, which are one of her very favourite animals, to celebrate both World Poetry Day today and International Day of the Seal tomorrow.

World Poetry Day, poems, acrostic poetry, seals, International Day of the Seal, activities at home, events, Home Education, poetry, writing

It says:

S ea and sand

E (a) ny seal is my favourite, I don’t have a favourite out of my cuddly toy seals but if I had to pick; Pierre, Seal Seal and Dots

A seal of mine jumps for cuddles

Love them

S ays uf, also mum! 

(I didn’t think it was the time to remind her that any starts with a, bless her!) 

Squiggle is very creative and comes up with wonderful ideas. Once she has inspiration, she tends to write fast in order to get her ideas down quickly before she forgets them! As Viking Direct explain in their article about The Importance of Writing, writing is an art form, and it helps us to make connections and process our ideas. I feel it is far more important to allow Squiggle the freedom to let her creative ideas flow, rather than interrupt her thoughts to remind her about presentation, or correct mistakes. So her writing tends to be huge and messy but it’s the content that matters!

However, once she had finished writing the poems, we got out the calligraphy set we were sent to have a try at some fancy writing!

World Poetry Day, poems, acrostic poetry, seals, International Day of the Seal, calligraphy, events, Home Education, poetry, writing, activities at home

She found it quite a challenge to use the calligraphy pen but she had fun having a go at writing with it and enjoyed decorating it too!

World Poetry Day, poems, acrostic poetry, seals, International Day of the Seal, poetry, calligraphy, writing, Home Education, activities at home, events

Happy World Poetry Day everyone!

Do you have a favourite poem or your own poetry to share? Leave them in comments. 

World Poetry Day, poems, activities at home, events, Home Education, poetry, writing

Join in with the poetry celebrations on social media using the hashtag #VikingWorldPoetryDay

June Round-Up

Aside from our 30 Days Wild adventures, here are some of the other things we got up to in June…

Played games, indoors and outside…

We had lots of other garden fun too, such as painting with water…

Put on shows with her toys…

Blowing bubbles, and quality time with our pets…

Squiggle also enjoyed celebrating a friend’s birthday…

These are pictures of them celebrating together that she drew for her as a present…

She also wrote a poem about cats…

We had a lovely time at Oaklands College fun day…

She then acted it out the next day at home…

Squiggle’s love of Sylvanian families is well known! She spends alot of time using them for imaginative play; such as pretending they are on holiday at Haven, going to buy ice creams, visiting Peter Rabbit’s adventure playground and at the sylvanian families Whitchurch event meeting sylvanian characters and wearing sylvanian hats like the ones she got! Cute…

She also built them an excellent tree house independently…

Other creative activities included scratch art…

And bubble art…

She did some fun science experiments (details to follow on a separate post!)…

And we also got some cool new hexbug stuff to explore…

Lastly, she had some sensory (and therapeutic!) fun splashing around in water…

30 Days Wild – Day 2: Nature Walk

For day two of our #30DaysWild challenge, Squiggle and I went on a nature walk. We spent lots of time studying things and taking photos. In fact, Squiggle took so many lovely pictures that we decided sorting through them and sharing them could be one of her future challenges for another day! We were also intrigued to find out more information about some of the more unusual things we spotted, so an indentification and research challenge is also on the cards for another day too!


Squiggle collected some natural items she found on the ground during our nature walk.

When we got back home, Squiggle drew a nature walk picture and wrote a poem.


A drawing of wild flowers in very tall grass.


‘Nature’ ~ A poem inspired by our nature walk.

Then she typed a quick message to The Wildlife Trusts to let them know what we did today.

“To day we went on a nature woork  tok lots of photos wen we got back we did a nature powim and drorin xxx”

As for me, we saw lots of beautiful and interesting things, and I took plenty of photos too, but this captured my attention the most! So fascinating, and incredibly vibrant colours- the photo does not really do it justice.