Getting A Mortgage: A Basic Guide

Given the uncertain times we live in, it is understandable that many out there will be seeking some extra stability. What this looks like will differ from household-to-household, but some out there could well be looking at their financial situation and asking a question that many have asked themselves over the years: “is getting a … Read more

Planning Your Retirement Funds Through a Reverse Mortgage

It is an essential part of life to try to ensure you have enough money when you retire. One of the ways to achieve this is by planning your retirement funds through a Reverse Mortgage… Looking after you You have worked hard your entire life, contributed to National Insurance payments, and paid all your taxes. … Read more

How Not to Overstretch Yourself When Buying a House

Buying a house or any property can be a dream come true. It is, mostly accompanied by a lot of excitement that could be dangerous if not tamed. Out of the pure joy and adrenaline rush of owning a house, most buyers’ judgement tends to be clouded by emotions and end up making costly mistakes. … Read more

The Importance of Using a Mortgage Advisor

Mortgages – for some people, just the mere mention of them might fill them with dread! Endless financial jargon, long lists of confusing rules, and unexpected fees everywhere you turn. But mortgages needn’t be so daunting. When you have someone with all the know-how to explain and guide you through the process of getting a … Read more

Living Easier with a Reverse Mortgage

Retirement should be a time of easy living. However, it is not so easy when your funds are limited. Whether you have trouble meeting monthly financial obligations or just encounter a sudden expense, extra cash may be required. One way to obtain that extra cash is by applying for a home mortgage. Of the mortgages … Read more

Mis-sold Mortgages: Have You Been Affected?

Mis-sold Mortgages: Have You Been Affected?

I bought a flat back in 2005, during the height of the property boom in one of the most expensive cities in the UK. At the time I was a newly qualified teacher and was able to take advantage of a government scheme available that offered me an equity loan, which allowed me to purchase … Read more