Improving Independence For People With Disabilities: A Carer’s Point of View

There is no denying that caring for another person, whether adult or child, can be an emotionally and physically exhaustive endeavour. When it comes to caring and supporting those with specific needs, it often requires a level of resolve. This is true regardless of the nature of the disabilities that the person you care for … Read more

Helping Elderly Relatives Maintain Independence

Helping Elderly Relatives Maintain Independence

As people grow older, they begin to worry about losing their independence. One example of this might be concerns over whether they will stay in their own home or if they will move to an independent senior living community instead, and what support they might require to live as independently as possible. Simply Senior Living … Read more

The Pocket Money Debate: How Much, How Often and What For? 

We have recently been discussing pocket money and debating whether it should be earned or given? If it is to be earned, what should it be for? And how much is reasonable? Personally, I feel that the concept of earning money is important. It helps to promote independence and a good work ethic. But I … Read more