Giving Children the Best Possible Start in Life: EYFS Tracking and Childcare

We all want the very best for our children, especially when they are babies and have all the potential in the world. But how do we make sure that the other people in their lives will have their best interests at heart too? Fortunately, the UK government has realised that early intervention is needed in … Read more

Wild Duck Haven Holiday Park, Norfolk

Last week we went on a short break to Wild Duck Haven Holiday Park near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. We have been to a couple of other Haven sites before but this particular one was new to us. I was very pleasantly surprised by it; I found the entire park rather more ‘toned down’ than some … Read more

A Typical Week in Home Education?

In reality there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ home education week for us; we are interest-led and we tend to go with the flow as we feel this suits our needs. The freedom to do this is one of the many reasons we love home educating. However, this post aims to give a … Read more

Van Hage- it really is more than just a garden centre!

We went to Van Hage in Great Amwell today, not for the first time, but I really think it deserves a mention as a great (and FREE) family trip out. In addition to things you might typically expect to find in a garden centre there is a lovely animal garden. They have a range of … Read more

A Heartfelt Thanks To Trabolgan Holiday Village, Cork, Ireland

A while back I posted about my daughter’s interest in Barney and the various activities she did related to the Numbers Numbers episode. Sometime later she asked if she could write to Barney and his friends to “make sure they are happy”. She made a card and also chose to send some of her colouring pictures as a present to … Read more

Barney the Dinosaur and Friends: Early Years Educational Barney Activity Ideas

Barney Early Years Educational Activity Ideas – Where It All Began So, what inspired this post about Barney the dinosaur and friends early years educational activity ideas? Here is the backstory… Yesterday my home educated daughter asked for suggestions of what to do at home (she had chosen to stay in). However, after naming what … Read more