#Blogtober 2016 – Day 24: Disney Character You Most Identify With 

I needed some inspiration for this one so I googled Disney character quizzes to see what it came up with. The first one I found suggested I was most like Mickey Mouse; born leader, problem-solver, good ideas and makes best of things.


Not a bad start! But I found another just to see some other answers. The next one was Mary Poppins… hahaha, Mary Poppins I am not! 


I decided to try third time lucky and got Belle; smart, caring, kind, bigger dreamer and a little different. I’ll take that lol 😉

Blogtober, Living Life Our Way

But the Disney Character I relate to most is Pocahontas. She has a wild and free spirit, spends much of her time outdoors, is truly accepting of others and fiercely stands up for what she believes.