#Blogtober 2016 – Day 22: My Biggest Accomplishment

This is so subjective, isn’t it? What one person considers an accomplishment, someone else might take for granted completely. For some people, sometimes, just managing to get out of bed and take a shower is an accomplishment. And I think we should acknowledge that! It is important to celebrate achievements, both big and small.

For me, a small achievement recently has been to manage to juggle my time effectively to find more time for myself as well as everything else! I used to be really bad at this but now I understand the importance of doing so.

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Graduation Day

In terms of bigger accomplishments, I am proud that I achieved a first degree BEd at university. But then again, I am equally proud of myself for going against the grain by leaving the system, adapting my lifestyle and choosing to home educate in order to meet my daughter’s individual needs. I wonder if I would have made the same decision if I had not been a teacher though? Funny how life works out!