#Blogtober 2016 – Day 29: Confession Time!

I don’t really know what to write for this! Whilst I don’t tend to blog about some personal matters (specifically re Squiggle’s health), that is simply because I feel it should be Squiggle’s choice to share, or not, so I respect her request for privacy. Personally, I tend to be honest and open, especially in real life. But Squiggle is her own person and feels more comfortable only sharing with people she knows well. She knows she can talk to us about absolutely anything and she does, plus she has great friends that understand and support her too, and that’s all that really matters! So I keep within her boundaries and stick to blogging about topics that don’t cross that.
But anyway, I digress! So, three confessions, hmmm. They aren’t going to be very exciting I’m afraid…

1. I am currently rocking pink and blue hair. But that’s not a confession! The confession is that I snuck out after Squiggle went to bed last night, to a costume party, so I coloured my hair quickly for it before leaving. But it didn’t wash out as easily as I expected! So when Squiggle asked today why my hair is red and blue, I couldn’t tell her the real reason, so I said it was a mummy challenge that I had to do for work! Oops! Sorry Squiggle!!!

Harley Quinn, halloween costume, red and blue hair, beauty, hair, halloween party, confessions, selfie, living life our way
My current look

2. I think I have already mentioned this recently, but I practically never eat chocolate. It’s very weird I know, I’m just not a fan! 
3. A few months ago, I watched a snapchat story of a concert that I could have been at; I had free tickets but passed them onto friends. But the confession is that I then full-on cried when I saw how many surprise guests were there and who. I’m 37 for goodness sake! Embarassing fan girling moment right there ūüėČ 

They are my confessions. What are yours? 


#Blogtober 2016 – Day 17: Favourite Concert Attended

Ooh, today is a great theme! Going to gigs is one of my very favourite things to do, I LOVE live music. I have enjoyed a wide variety of different gigs; from watching unsigned friends just starting out to seeing top international artists on sell out tours, from pubs to festivals, and from massive stadiums to tiny intimate venues (or sometimes even just in their living room!) 

My taste in music is quite varied, I will happily listen to (and dance to!) all sorts of music and would struggle to pick a favourite type. But in terms of live music specifically, I do particularly love indie rock/ rock bands. I love original bands but I really like good cover bands too, and there are also some brilliant tribute acts around! 

The most recent gig I went to was just last week, Kaiser Chiefs at New Slang Club in Kingston, London. I have been lucky enough to see them a few times now, and they never disappoint! They are one of my fave all time bands anyway, but they are certainly one of the best to watch live, they have so much energy and really connect with their audience, absolutely love them. Also, as much as I do love bigger concerts, I feel the intimate gigs are even better still, so this was a great venue too.

New album #StayTogether, favourite band, concert, blogtober, blogging challengeKaiser Chiefs

New album #StayTogether, favourite band, concert, blogtober, blogging challenge

Other particularly memorable music events I have attended include the 2004 Tsunami Benefit Concert in Cardiff, Live 8 at Hyde Park in 2005, and the absolutely amazing buzz of various festivals, especially Reading festival. 

In terms of smaller gigs, aside from my favourites the Kaiser Chiefs, I particularly enjoyed Feeder and Red Hot Chilli Peppers (which was actually a big venue but we were in a sectioned off area at the front so it felt intimate!) I also loved watching Bon Jovi UK recently, best tribute band I have ever seen. And there have been a few really good local cover bands at nearby music venues that have made for a great night out too! 

My first ever concert, I think, was Beautiful South with my mum. I remember they were supported by The Lightning Seeds and there was a technical hitch which meant their equipment suddenly stopped working after a couple of songs, so they gave up and walked off the stage! It was still a brilliant (and memorable!) night though.

Last but not least, the most iconic venue I have ever watched live music probably has to be The Viper Room in LA. I can’t even remember which band was playing the night we were there but it was a cool atmosphere.

Phew, I think that sums it up… not that it was a simple answer! But wow, so many AMAZING memories!!!