5 Things to Remember When Starting a Business

From personal experience; starting your own business can be equal parts exciting, overwhelming, and scary. However, it is not something to shy away from. Owning your own company can enable you the quality of life you have struggled to find in regular employment and give you the freedom to operate your life on your own … Read more

Key Considerations For New Business Owners: How To Get Off To A Flying Start

Launching a business is an exhilarating prospect, but it can also be daunting. The statistics for new business failures make for sobering reading, and this is why preparation is key. If you’re setting up a new venture, or you’re in the fledgling stages of your entrepreneurial journey, here are some key considerations to help you … Read more

ContentCal – Social Media Software

Worldwide, billions of people use social media across multiple platforms. Through these incredibly popular sites we remain constantly available and connected to the world at large. As a business, there’s no better way to increase brand awareness than social media. In fact, for bloggers, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a vital part of … Read more

Organizing Your Office for 2020: the Best in Tools

Organizing Your Office for 2020: the Best in Tools

It’s good to be the boss. But while it’s nice to be in charge, being the head honcho also comes with a unique and demanding set of responsibilities. Your duties are never-ending, and your decisions have consequences that trickle down to every employee, and your bottom line. Everything from scheduling to payroll, employee and/or client … Read more

Top Four Tips For Starting Up Your Own Business

Top four tips for starting up your own business

Do you spend your working days dreaming of starting your own business? You’re not the only one, as plenty of people in full-time employment have aspirations of going it alone. A problem many people face is the risk factor involved in making their dream a reality, which prevents them from quitting their job and starting … Read more

Trint Transcription Software: Review

Trint is a clever piece of software that transcribes any video and audio files into text. It was founded by Jeff Kofman, a former war correspondent for CNN. Jeff had to manually transcribe thousands of interviews throughout his career, so he decided to develop Trint, to save people the hours of time and effort it … Read more

Love Layla: Witty Birthday Cards, Gifts and Wrap (Review) 

Love Layla is a small independent retailer of greetings cards, gifts and wrapping paper for all occasions – with a difference. Their unique range is witty, cheeky and sometimes downright offensive… but all in good humour! I was kindly sent a sample selection of their range to review. I chose their ‘favourite child’ theme to … Read more

Designing A Logo With Logojoy 

Just over a year ago I decided to go ‘pro’ with blogging, so I moved my blog to self- hosted and started to think about branding, including designing myself a logo and banner to use on my blog and across social media. Alot of bloggers and businesses hire an expert to help them do this, … Read more