Homeschool Safari, Wellbeing through Wildlife and Art in the Park: Educational Sessions by Knowsley Safari

Now we are back in lockdown, Knowsley Safari are offering some virtual educational sessions for all the animal lovers out there! They have HomeSchool Safari, Art in the Park and Wellbeing Through Wildlife. Here are all the details you need to know… Wellbeing Through Wildlife Wellbeing Through Wildlife is running 11am daily during Children’s Mental … Read more

Wall Art: Interior Design and Home Decor Ideas To Boost Your Mood

When it comes to the home, there are is no shortage of ways you can express yourself. The right feature, fixture, piece of furniture or decoration can express much about who you are and what you value. However, what is more important is that it has the power to speak to you directly, and appeal … Read more

Bumper Birthday Gift Guide: Present Ideas For Adults

This bumper birthday gift guide for adults features present ideas for men and women from brands such as CanvasChamp, Adagio Teas, GiftsOnline4U, Latest Deals, Hunkemoller and more…

Carmel Industries Review – Paint Markers, Paint Crayons and Damp Erase Markers

Carmel Industries got in touch with me to see if I would like to review some of their range of markers. Since we do alot of creative activities at home, I was more than happy to test them out! Initially I thought these would be child-friendly wipe clean markers that Squiggle could use, that we … Read more

My & Me Jewellery – Turning Children’s Artwork into Beautiful Silver Charms 

My&Me Jewellery turns children’s artwork into beautiful items of silver jewellery to treasure forever. Founder, Maxine, got her inspiration from the creative doodles of her 6 year old daughter, after she came across a page of the young artist’s artwork in her jewellery sketchbook one day. Much to her little girl’s delight, she decided to make one … Read more

100 Days of Home Ed #LoveHomeEd – Day 35 (List of Art Activities by Squiggle)

​Today for #100daysofhomeed Squiggle has made a list of recent art activities… Drawing ✏😄 Spin art 🎨 Scratch art 🐶🌈 Clay  phone app / dwawing  on the phone 📱✏ Taking photos 📷 Painting 🎨 Colarge 💗💚 (collage) Nature art 🍃 🌹 Marbleing  Bubble art 🎨 Modle making 😉 💖💚💗 (model making) Paper modles (paper models)

Stay Wild: Whale Wednesday Art Activity

Creating A Whale Print: I recently purchased nature print paper for this activity, ordered from amazon here. It was smaller than I imagined but I was impressed with the quality, I felt it was very effective and worked really well. Final edited version of my whale art using nature print paper     Firstly, draw a … Read more

30 Days Wild – Day 23: Nature Art

Squiggle loves creative activities so today she decided to do some nature- themed art. She did some leaf rubbing, observation drawing and printing. We also remembered some nature art activities that we have enjoyed doing previously, both at home and at art group too. Leaf rubbing Observation drawings Leaf and grass printing My demonstration of … Read more