Sustainable St Albans Week 2018 and Launch of Plastic Free St Albans!

There are only a few days to go now until Sustainable St Albans Week 2018, so I want to share with you some of the fab things that will be going on! If you are local, then pop along to some of the events to learn more about eco living and show your support. And if you aren’t local, maybe these ideas will inspire you to host your own event in your local town!

The week will be kicking off with an afternoon of talks to launch the event, as well as over a dozen activities on just the first day alone. Over the course of the week there is a massive range of fun, educational and inspiring activities for all ages.

Sustainable St Albans Week 2018 logo

Some of the highlights include the grand opening of our first ‘Little Free Library’ – where you can take a book and donate another, several guided walks and cycle rides, organised wildlife watch, vegan cooking demo and tasting (yum!), plenty of talks and workshops on various topics, eco tours, growing activities, seed swaps, clothes swaps, litter picks, poetry recitals and film screenings. The list goes on and on…! It is a jam packed week full of brilliant options to choose from.

Children can also meet Munch the recycling lorry and discover more about recycling, do creative activities using old items, take part in interactive storytelling, attend woodcraft taster sessions, and swap books, amongst other things. Lots of the other activities are very family- friendly and suitable for all ages too of course!

For the full event schedule visit the Sustainable St Albans website and download the booklet.

There is also a one day Know- How Festival, which sounds brilliant! I thought this was worth a specific mention as it has so much going on for the whole family. Here is further information…

Know How festival flyer - part of Sustainable St Albans Week 2018

As part of Sustainable St Abans Week, on Sunday 22nd April, which very aptly is also Earth Day, marks the official launch of Plastic Free St Albans. I am so excited about this, so let me tell you more about it!

Plastic Free St Albans is inspired by Surfers Against Sewage – an environmental charity who are leading a national campaign called Plastic Free Coastlines, to encourage communities to drastically reduce single use plastics – and is an alliance of several local activists. It was founded by Emma Tyers, who previously ran the hugely successful St Albans Refuse the Straw campaign and also has members from our fantastic local groups, Sustainable St Albans and St Albans Friends of the Earth, too. What a team! The group aims to hopefully achieve S.A.S Plastic Free status eventually.

Plastic Free St Albans logo

The main goal is to work with local businesses, schools, and other organisations to remove, as far as possible, plastic straws and stirrers, water bottles and balloons from St Albans. These particular items are being targetted because they are so rarely recycled, and therefore form such a large part of our plastic waste and litter.

They are also working on St Albans Refill scheme, which asks businesses to provide free water bottle refills to anyone who asks, free of charge. Look out for other upcoming projects in future too!

Last but not least, check out their excellent interactive map of all things plastic free, so you can see how the campaign is developing and, more importantly, know where to head to avoid the plastic! Awesome initiative, looking forward to seeing the map grow!

You can also read more about Plastic Free St Albans in this Herts Ad article.

To launch this fantastic new campaign, there will be a plastic-free picnic at Highfield park on Sunday afternoon, followed by a screening of A Plastic Ocean in the evening, along with a panel of guest speakers, hosted at the beautiful Odyssey cinema. There are only a few tickets left, so grab yours now!

Enjoy what promises to be an inspirational and exciting week!

Handmade recycled silver labradorite stone ring image and giveaway wording


To help celebrate and support both Sustainable St Albans Week and Plastic Free St Albans, the lovely Sally from Leonard of London has offered us a stunning piece of jewellery to giveaway to one lucky campaign supporter! This gorgeous handmade ring is made from recycled sterling silver and has a beautiful labradorite stone.

The ring will be resized for the winner as per the measurements given before sending it to them.

Check out Leonard of London on facebook for more of her work.

Handmade recycled silver labradorite stone ring

The giveaway ends on 21st May 2018 and is open to UK residents only. Enter via rafflecopter below. Other T&Cs apply.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

87 thoughts on “Sustainable St Albans Week 2018 and Launch of Plastic Free St Albans!”

  1. I use a refillable cup for coffe when out and about, use my own shopping bags and try to buy loose fruit and veg from our local greengrocer’s rather than shrink-wrapped ones from the supermarket

  2. I have embraced the tote bag so don’t use plastic carrier bags any more, I try to use less products in general or buy larger bottles, and I try to buy products in paper or cardboard packaging wherever possible

  3. I’ve stopped using straws and have bought re-usable containers for packed lunches rather then using food bags & clingfilm to package food.

  4. No more takeaway coffees in plastic cups for me! I always have my reusable cup and a metal straw where ever I go. My family and I stopped chewing gums a few years ago after I realized we’re chewing on plastic that can’t be recycled.

  5. Instead of buying new plastic plant pots for my seeds I have reused old ones from the garden centre and cut up plastic milk bottles too – waste not want not is back again!

  6. We have stopped buying small bottles of water..use or refillable bottles now. Saving money as well as cutting back on plastic. Really trying to buy more from butchers etc to cut back on supermarket packaging.

  7. I’ll stop using balloons for parties etc! Thanks for this post – I live in STA and this is so interesting!

  8. I’ve stopped buying individual plastic bottles of squash for the kids. Instead I buy one big bottle and they each have a refillable drinks cup that they take to school with them. This cuts out at least 10 small plastic bottles each week.

  9. I have stopped buying pre-packed vegetables from the supermarket and visit the local markets, the food tastes nicer and less plastic waste in our bins

  10. I learned that balloons are particularly harmful to the environment, as they take so long to break down.

  11. I don’t use plastic carrier bags, even “Bags For Life.” I use cloth bags that have the added benefit of being washable.

  12. I will buy and use metal straws after learning of the environmental impact plastic is having on our planet!

  13. After reading this I’ll be making some changes. When I go shopping I’ll try to buy things like juice and milk in cartons instead of plastic bottles and I won’t be using supermarket carrier bags either. I’ll buy some fabric shopping bags instead.

  14. I gave up on plastic bags twenty years ago and nowadays I try not to buy any fruit/veg in plastic. Also I take my reusable cup for coffee with me, look for glass instead of plastic bottles/jars and NEVER buy anything in black plastic trays as they’re not recyclable.

  15. i have bought us metal straws so they are reusable i have also bought us all a water bottle that can be refilled

  16. Were going to stop buying multipack bottles and get the largest size to save on plastic waste. We always recycle too and use our own coffee cannisters 🙂 .

  17. I’m going to try to buy less products with plastic packaging that is none-recyclable. I already recycle as much plastic as possible and re-use plastic soft drink bottles for carrying water. I’ve been involved in a number of petition campaigns to persuade businesses to cut down or eliminate single use plastic, particularly the type that is not widely recyclable, and I share these campaigns across my social media channels to encourage others to sign and get involved.

  18. I never use plastic bags any more, as you can get so many lovely designs with canvas shopping bags now. I also use a reusable metal flask for water, when out and about – instead of plastic bottles.

  19. I am going to stop buying water in plastic bottles. Instead I’ll put a jug of water in the fridge and keep it topped up 🙂

  20. I’ve downloaded the ReFill app so now I can refill my water bottle on the go rather than reaching for a new disposable plastic one.

  21. We have switched to re-usable coffee mugs will buy mushrooms in paper bags rather than those in black plastic trays which cannot be recycled.

  22. I love cleaning my ears with cotton buds! but, I have switched to olive oil instead! I have done all the tips on your great website too – thanks for the chance

  23. I have stopped buying the kids cheap plastic straws for their drinks and got one funky one each which they can reuse time and time again 🙂

  24. I do not use plastic bags at supermarkets I load food straight into the trolley straight into hessian bags in the car boot. I will continue to do this and try and reduce buying foods with excess Packaging

  25. I buy fruit and vegetables from local grocer who uses paper bags, rather than at supermarket with items packed in plastic.


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