Sports Challenge: Inventing Own Sport

On day 5, Squiggle invented her own game called ‘Round and Round Tennis’. This is a combination of rounders and tennis. Player 1 hits the ball over the net with their racket then runs around the net as many times as they can. Player 2 retrieves the ball and gets back into their section as quickly as possibly with the ball, they then shout ‘ball’. The first player has to finish the lap they have started and stop in their section. The second player hits the ball back to player 1, who then hits it back to player 2. This signifies the switch of roles- player 2 hits it as far as they can, which then begins their turn of running, while player 1 returns to their section with the ball as quickly as possible. The person with the most points (one lap around net = one point) after an even amount of turns is the winner.

I thought this was a very inventive game, but I do admit, I was unsure how well it would work in reality! However, over the past few days, Squiggle has played the newly invented ‘Round and Round Tennis’ in the garden and it works much better than I imagined!

She has also played multi-sports/ practised her skills in the garden tennis, badminton, football, hockey and netball over the past few days and on day 6 we did some basketball, football and badminton at a local park.

Squiggle playing basketball at Longacres park.

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