Shower Or Bath? The Big Bathroom Debate!

Which do you prefer? Shower or bath? Or does it depend on your mood? And/ or maybe the amount of time you have?

Shower Or Bath? The Big Bathroom Debate! title on faded water background image

Personally I love showers! They are quick, easy and refreshing. I don’t have enough time for a long soak in the bath. But baths are great for relaxing and pampering too.

In many ways, showers are ideal; they use less water, save time and just seem more convenient. Plus I love the smell of the fresh water as it pours down from the shower head and I enjoy the feel of the ‘waterfall’ on my skin. It is both relaxing and refreshing at the same time. I even meditate in there sometimes, it is the perfect place for visualisation!

Here are my reasons why I think showers are best:

• Saves time

• Costs less money

• More environmentally friendly/ less water usage

• Convenient

• I can’t hear the chaos going on in the rest of the house with the shower on!

• I am marginally less likely to be disturbed in the short amount of time it takes to shower!!!

• Sensory experience

Shower image

On the other hand, a bath can feel like more of a luxury; somewhere to relax and shut off from the world. A top tip is to add bath salts or magnesium flakes.

Here are some ways baths are better:

• Bath salts, bombs and other pampering stuff

• Bubbles

• Snacks and drinks

• Reading, music, tv

• Talking to people; either through the door, in the room or on the phone

A bubbly bath

Hmmm, some of those can be done in the shower too though! And some are better out of the bath in my opinion! (Wet ipad anyone?)

Anyway, moving on…

As for Squiggle? Well, she prefers showers but she does also like to sit down too! So as I mentioned before, walk-in showers with seating would be perfect for her! But as we don’t have one of those at home, she simply uses our over-bath shower and just sits under the running water in an empty bath! Does anyone else do this? Or just her?!

Walk in shower with seating

Anyway, I took to twitter to solve the debate! Which is more popular; bath or shower? The results are in! Drum roll please…

Showers are the clear winner with a whopping 88% of votes, in what was quite possibly the most pointless debate I have ever had! But still fun… and dare I admit, actually quite interesting!

What do you prefer – baths or showers? Tell me in comments!

*Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

5 thoughts on “Shower Or Bath? The Big Bathroom Debate!”

  1. We don’t have a bath tub at home so I only get this at the hotel (if there is any). But we have the shower and that’s what I do everyday, whether it’s quick or extensive.

  2. I have a shower every morning to wake me up and to make sure I start the day clean. I do like a bath once I’m in it, but find it a bit of a faff running the water for what feels like forever! They are pretty relaxing once you’re in them though 🙂

  3. I’m not really a bath person. I shower once in the morning and before bed and don’t like to sit in water. So I’m the wrong person to ask. For my son, I like to just give him a shower and be done with it as well. Makes life a whole lot easier in our house for sure!


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