Should I Stop Using My Smartphone in the Bathroom?

If you ever install a phone usage monitoring app you are likely to be shocked seeing the results. Most of us are glued to those glamourous looking smartphone screens for more hours than what our brain can handle. In a survey conducted in the year 2018, by BankMyCell to observe the phone usage patterns in Americans, it was found that 69% of women and 80% of men use their phones while they are in the bathroom.

Are you someone who has the habit of taking your smartphone to the bathroom? Then read to find out how bad it is for your body, mind and even for your phone.

Using smartphone on the toilet

Don’t carry your germs with you

One of the main reasons that doctors and scientists recommend against using smartphones inside the bathroom is because the phone screen already is a teeming ground of harmful pathogens. You might definitely be washing your hands after using the bathroom but simply touching the toilet seat and then handling your phone with the same hand means you are transmitting the germs. When you flush the situation gets even worse. Even if you are not using your smartphone in the bathroom have some disinfectant wipes with you to quickly wipe your screen regularly.

Put your phone to rest to put your mind to rest

While there are different ways in which the brain works, there is something called the ‘diffused state of mind’. This is where your mind wanders off aimlessly. There was a time when geniuses used to get their best ideas when they are in the bathroom. This was perhaps because they did not have smartphones back then. Whether you own it or not, whether you are simply checking the social media updates or doing some serious stuff on your phone, using your phone stimulates your brain. Every once in a while, your brain needs to cool off. Use your bathroom breaks as that chance to allow your brain take the much-needed downtime.

Some people give the excuse that using their smartphones gives them a distraction from their monotony. However, using it in the bathroom might sometimes make you sit on the toilet seat for a prolonged period. When this happens frequently, it leads to constipation, hemorrhoids and other problems.

Who wants to lose their phone?

Accidental dropping of the smartphone into the toilet bowl, water splashes leading to expensive repairs are all not uncommon. By using your smartphone in the bathroom you are only increasing the chances of such incidents.
The next time you are tempted to beat your own high score in your favorite game while you are in the bathroom, remember all the germs you would be carrying on your smartphone. Remember how this sleek yet addictive device is slowly controlling you.

If none of these facts seem to convince you, remember that it is not a very professional etiquette to use the bathroom to make a call. Give your body and mind the much-needed break and break free of your smartphone addiction today!

*This is a collaborative post.

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