SEH BAC Showroom (Great Amwell, Hertfordshire) #AD

Recently, I was invited over to visit a SEH BAC double glazing showroom in Great Amwell. Incase you are unfamiliar with this company; SEH BAC specialise in bespoke home improvements including conservatories, windows, glazing and doors. They are a proudly multi-award winning company who have been operating for over 45 years. SEH BAC covers London and the South East, with several showrooms across Essex and beyond, as well as the Hertfordshire one mentioned of course. They offer high quality products and excellent services with a keen attention to detail.

When it comes to your home, it helps to know your options. This is exponentially more true when you have occupants with specific needs and have to be sure you have solutions to any complications that might arise from that. So my partner and I were very interested to look around the showroom and talk about what there is to offer.

SEH BAC Showroom, Great Amwell, Ware,Hertfordshire

About The Showroom

This particular SEH BAC showroom is one of their smaller ones. It is situated within Van Hage garden centre, near Ware in Herts. The fact it is not one of their major larger showrooms is not something to be put off by though; it still gives a brilliant idea of their range and allows you to get a real feel for what you would be purchasing. It is maintained to a truly impressive standard; something which the dedicated team pride themselves on. Furthermore, if it does inspire you to save up for those improvements (and it most likely will!) you could also then make time to travel to one of the bigger showrooms afterwards too if you wanted; having seen this one you will probably be inspired to make another trip, and there are plenty to choose from… I know I am!

SEH BAC showroom great amwell herts

The showroom has a great selection of windows and doors on display; highlighting some of the choices for styles, colours, materials, and other features, such as handles. They offer a huge range of options, so you are pretty much guaranteed to find just what you need! Also, there are secondary glazing and triple glazing options too; ideal for security, insulation and noise reduction. We would definitely require something that is as sound proof as possible, so we were happy to know these were available.

SEH BAC showroom herts selection of window designs

SEH BAC handles

SEH BAC window cills and skirting

The first thing that stood out as we browsed the showroom was the quality and sturdiness of the range SEH BAC had on offer, as well as aesthetic appeal. You immediately look at these beautiful windows and doors, and can’t help but think you’re overdue an upgrade!

SEH BAC door

SEH BAC windows

They have bi-fold doors for example, which I love. I wondered whether they could be temperamental though, having only seen pictures before. We were told they can be, if not installed correctly. However, the one that we tried out is used frequently as an entrance to the showroom and it was smooth and easy to use. So clearly the key is choosing the right company for the job, and it is evident they are skilled experts at this! This is something that really makes a huge difference about being able to visit a showroom rather than just relying on pictures; you can really focus in on small but significant details. We appreciated the opportunity to study the runs, hinges and mechanical aspects of their offerings.

SEH BAC bi fold doors

Tour of the showroom…

The Team

After we had a look around, we met with Steve who talked about the products and the company, as well as demonstrated their range himself. Steve explained all about SEH BAC’s position in the industry and the consumer benefits of their regularly updated portfolio of products. We felt comfortable with his approach and confident he wasn’t pushy in trying to make a sale. He was clearly happy that the quality of products speak for themselves. At the same time, his knowledge and expertise was very apparent, and his passion and enthusiasm for the company was really quite contagious!

The Products

As Steve explained, all the products have a tick list of things that are just a given when buying from SEH BAC. For example, in terms of energy efficiency, nothing is less than an A rating. This means that rather than needing to take into account functional aspects, or have to compromise on any aspect of quality, you can simply focus on the aesthetics and finding exactly what you want. They have options to fit in with all different styles of home and to suit any preferences, including buildings in conservation areas and so on.

SEH BAC great amwell showroom windows

SEH BAC window features

SEH BAC don’t claim to be the cheapest but for the quality and service provided, we wouldn’t expect them to be! They are also not the most expensive either though; essentially they aim to be middle of the road price-wise, which to me seems good value for money considering.


The showroom has examples of two types of conservatory roofing; honestly I was sold on both styles! There is, of course, the more typical conservatory roof. However, they also have a more solid roof option which is demonstrated on a separate conservatory room, that is beautifully presented. This roof gave the room a wonderful cosy feel and regulates the temperature exceptionally well, I gather in all weathers. This makes the room more versatile in terms of what it could be used for.

SEH BAC conservatory roof traditional design

SEH BAC conservatory solid roof design

Whilst Steve left us to wander around this lovely room (another indication that there is a no-pressure approach) we chatted about how it would be a perfect addition to a home with a teenager to have their own space, or for even the adults to escape from the rest of the house! It is something I really love the idea of.

SEH BAC showroom conservatory

Another thing Steve mentioned, something which really stuck out to me, is that alot of previous customers are very happy for potential customers to take a look around their home improvements; they are proud of the results and don’t mind showing them off! This to me speaks volumes about the work carried out.


From the offset of our visit; we were greeted with a warm atmosphere, a varied range of top quality products, which we found easy-on-the-eye and impressive in design. The team were knowledgeable and incredibly proud of their approach to customer service and their company’s 45 year history. For us, what matters is having understanding staff that can meet our needs, as well as provide solutions that we can trust to be durable and efficient. Based on our visit, we feel confident that SEH BAC very much meet that criteria. Not only were our expectations met, but they were exceeded in every way. Now we look forward to a time when we can start making those improvements!

SEH BAC showroom with bi fold doors

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by SEH BAC. I was compensated for my time but all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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