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Learning and playing have always gone hand-in-hand. In every life-stage, new skills are frequently developed through fun, recreational activities. We are way more likely to take things in and be inquisitive about after all when we’re passionate and play is a vital part in fostering that feeling. I’m excited to see that Wicked Uncle completely gets this. The website is full of exciting and unique gifts which are a little bit different but have spectacular educational potential and importantly are just plain fun; this of course makes them perfect gifts for the children in your life.

Through play, kids can learn vital numeracy, literacy and STEM skills. That’s not all though. They can also learn to understand their environment, build confidence and develop social bonds this way. These are important whatever stage of development. One of the things that I like most about Wicked Uncle, is how incredibly easy it is to search by age range. This means that whatever age range is relevant to you, it’s really simple to filter down and get the content you need.

The Human Body – Under X-Ray

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This delightful 84 piece puzzle is for six-and-over and it is a fun and engaging way of helping children discover how interesting the human body is. The idea is to fit the pieces together and after use the mission cards, and UV light to learn about bones, organs and how different parts work together. This is a fab way of making biology interactive and looking at science practically.

Horrible Histories Board Game

Horrible Histories board game

Horrible Histories has been doing a fab job of keeping kids engaged for decades now. The series started as a hugely popular book but is now probably best known as the musical sketch comedy TV show on CBBC. It’s always managed to capture the imagination of kids through its larger-than-life portrayal of historic figures and ridiculous dark humour.

Wicked Uncle Horrible Histories board game

The board game, aimed at children aged 8+ takes these funny (and sometimes gross) laugh-out-loud facts and turns it into an experience that can be shared with the whole family. As with a lot of these sorts of board games, the reading segments are excellent for working on literacy too.



6 in 1 Solar Recycler

Wicked Uncle: Perfect Presents for Children. Educational gifts. Fun learning toys.

This is an absolutely fab idea. Designed with KS2 learners in mind, this kit allows six different moving models to be built from eco-friendly recyclable items and using solar power.

It’s an entertaining way to develop problem solving skills, comprehension abilities and explore eco-friendly energy sources and materials, as well as recycling itself.

Grow It Bonsai Trees

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If looking for something unique, memorable and absolutely beautiful, I can’t help but think the Grow It Bonsai Tree is a special learning experience. Including starter pots made from coconut husks, compost discs, four packets of seeds and the appropriate documentation; this is a phenomenal way to discover about nurturing, various motor skills, biodiversity as well as offering all kinds of sensory input.

Wicked Uncle in Summary

These are just a few of the amazing educational and developmental toys, games and activities available at Wicked Uncle. I am very pleased with what they have available and their commitment to cool, inspired ideas with unique twists.

In my opinion; their STEM range is especially impressive. If you’re looking to add fun learning experiences into your childs play (or fun play into your child’s learning), helping to further expand their special interests, or just get them a gift that is that bit more special and unique, Wicked Uncle has exactly what you need!


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