Grange Raised Urban Planter: GardenSite’s Gardening Solutions for Small Spaces (Review & Giveaway)

As you all know, we love being outdoors in nature, and part of this includes gardening. I have written before about some of the food we have grown, or at least attempted to grow! So what do we think of our new urban planter from GardenSite? Read my review…

Grange Raised Urban Planter from Gardensite title with image of planter

About the Planter

Grange Raised Urban Planter is built using only FSC timber that has been pressure treated, and is resistant to rot and fungal decay. In fact, it actually comes with a 20 year guarantee against rot. It has six pre- divided sections to grow a selection of plants, and it also has a handy shelf underneath. The planter usually retails for £89.99 RRP but is currently on sale at £77.99 at the time of writing.


The planter took just under a week to arrive after ordering. We were kept updated with the progress of our order and delivery details. The courier company they used was a good choice; they followed our delivery instructions, and they were friendly and helpful.

An image of all the parts of the planter pre- assembly


The Urban Planter is very well designed so it only requires basic assembly instructions. It is very high quality thick wood, so you will need a decent power drill though; it couldn’t be done manually, or with a small basic electric drill that people have around the house to put together flat pack furniture. It took well under half an hour to assemble with the right drill.

Tip: The PDF instructions on the website are different to the paper version it comes with. Take a look to see which you find easier to follow! We personally found the website PDF version clearer.

It is worth noting that the planter is very heavy so ideally it needs two people to move around. Or assemble it in the right place!

Grange raised urban planter

Our Verdict

We really like this planter. It is really sturdy and of excellent quality. The shelf underneath is useful as storage, or even for small potted plants that like the shade.

The six sections make it easy to grow a selection of plants within a small area. It doesn’t take up too much space, so is a genuine solution for small urban gardens. Also, we often have cats hanging around our garden, so we appreciate the benefits of a raised planter!

It is not cheap but it is made extremely well and is therefore worth the cost, in my opinion; I personally would consider it decent value for money. Overall, we definitely recommend this planter!

Grange raised urban planter by GardenSite

Check out the full range of stock on GardenSite for other planters and a wide range of other garden items. I spent ages browsing their website, they have an excellent selection!


I have teamed up with GardenSite for one very lucky person to win a Grange Raised Urban Planter! Competition open to UK residents only and ends on 3rd June 2018. Other T&Cs apply. Enter via rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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*Disclosure: I was sent the urban planter for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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110 thoughts on “Grange Raised Urban Planter: GardenSite’s Gardening Solutions for Small Spaces (Review & Giveaway)”

  1. My favourite plants are David Austin roses, however my two year old son complete with his own gardening tools loves helping me in the garden, so I’d plant some vegetables with him that he can pick to eat for his dinner.

  2. my husband and I are keen to start organic growing in our small garden, this is just the right thing for it!

  3. i love growing my own herbs. I’ve also got pak choi on my windowsill which needs to go out into garden but little space for it at the moment. Love how practical this planter is and being raised hopefully help keep the slugs away from my veg!

  4. I love this planter and would absolutely love to grow some salad veg in it – being higher would make it so much easier to look after my plants.

  5. I would start with easy things such as lettuces and tomatoes as I’m not great at gardening and getting things to grow

  6. Ooh i would have this as a herb planter, parsley, thyme, chicory, fennel, chives and mint, how fab would it be to just walk into the garden and have fresh herbs to hand

  7. I’d love to grow some potatoes and iceberg lettuce, and this would look great in my new back garden.

  8. I would grow some lovely veg, as this is raised it would be great for carrots as they would not be affected by carrot fly

  9. Probably salad greens. I’ve tried to in the past but the slugs usually chow down on it before i can. Seems like this would be a good way of stopping the damn things getting to your crops.

  10. I would grow lettuces and flowers, I love flowers and this planter is great for growing a variety of things in a small space

  11. I only have a small outside area, this would be ideal. I have always wanted a herb garden

  12. I’d love to have a ‘Bee Garden’ so would grow some plants for pollinators- things like lavender and borage 🙂 We only have a yard (as opposed to the sweeping garden of my dreams) so rely heavily on pots and planters to grow anything. This’d be perfect, thanks so much for counting me in

  13. Lettuce. Such a pain to keep away from slugs but in a raised bed I could just use some copper tape.

  14. Vegetables. I’ve tried in smaller pots and I’ve only really managed lettuces and tomatoes successfully. I’d love to try carrots, broccoli, courgettes and cauliflower.

  15. I’d grow some cut and come again salads in it – and maybe some tumbling tomatoes at the edges

  16. I would grow beetroot and parsnips. My favorite flower is a Hellebore. What I love about the planter is the fact it’s made out of wood, it’s height and the separate compartments.

  17. I would like to plant herbs, and because I have arthritis in my knees this would be perfect with no bending involved

  18. I love the height of this planter as I have a bad back so it would make planting and tending much easier. I would put it against my back wall and grow tomatoes. I also like the fact that as its wood, it could be painted.

  19. I’d grow strawberries, I don’r have much luck with them in the ground, it would be great to have them at a convenient height!

  20. I would let the kids plant a little fruit/ vegetable/ herbs patch, my daughter really wants to plant strawberries as they are her favourite fruit so this would definitely be one option

  21. I’d love to grow some potatoes and some strawberry plants! I love growing anything and everything! This looks gorgeous and would look great in my garden

  22. I think they’re great! they have a chunky look, which I love, I would grow new potatoes, yummy!

  23. This would be lovely for herbs – just the right height for picking – I’ trying to grow chervil and coriander this year x

  24. I’d like to grow some strawberries. The height of this planter would make keeping the slugs and snails away from the fruit much easier.

  25. I would grow peas and beans upwards with some sweet peas for colour and then I would grow a selection of hers and vegetables. My favourite flowers are orchids and love the different sections of the planter

  26. Looks sturdy. Perfect height for my worn out knees and creaky back. Would be ideal to grown lettuces and spring onions, maybe a few herbs too..

  27. I would love to try growing my own herbs. I buy them for cooking so it would be a lovely change to try herbs that I have grown myself. I think it would also be a brilliant way of saving money in my weekly shop!

  28. ahve a mixture of border plants at the moment with fruit and veg too thaqt Im growing s owould be a mix and match

  29. This would be perfect for my children to have as their veg garden – they asked for one today and I’ve been scratching my head looking for the solution! Thank you

  30. I love growing a wide range of fruit and veggies, including tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, cabbages, spinach, onions, parsnips, peas and many more. If I won this planter I would use it to grow, rocket and salad leaves. I like the fact that you don’t have to bend don’t to use this, so it’ll be better for my back.

  31. I’d grow different herbs. My daughter is now showing an interest in gardening so this would be ideal for her.

  32. I like the idea of not having to keep bending down as it is raised. I have fibromyalgia and I get very tired out by gardening all the bending up and down. This would fit my needs better.

  33. I would grow herbs and salad leaves. Love the fact that you don’t have to bend to pick them.

  34. I would grow some herbs, there is nothing better than growing and picking herbs fresh for your cooking and this would be perfect for me because of back problems, so my fingers are all crossed

  35. i would try growing a strawberry plant, tried a couple of years ago and failed miserably

  36. I have some trailing tomato seedlings starting out in my bathroom that tumble beautifully over the sides and some lettuce would sit nicely behind them. Perfect!

  37. Perfect for me as I can’t kneel, getting a new knee sometime soon I hope but even then kneeling will be difficult, would grow all my salad favourites.

  38. I love that it’s high and has storage underneath. I would make it into a salad garden with trailing tomatoes (growing down the side),salad leaves and radishes etc

  39. I’d love to show the kids how things grow, they seem to think food just appears out of thin air

  40. I’ve been thinking about doing this for ages but didn’t know where to begin. I’m currently having a long overdue garden makeover and so now may be the time to start growing all the things I’ve wanted to. I love the simplicity of the design and the height, so I wouldn’t have to bend (disabled). I would grow lots of herbs and salad items ….. lettuces, basil, mint and coriander especially.
    Thank you for a fantastic giveaway.

  41. I love this! I have nowhere to plant things and I’m desperate to plant some veggies – courgettes especially. This would be perfect 🙂

  42. I would grow cut-and-come-again salad leaves and some herbs and tomatoes. I love that the planter is raised – we have several cats who sometimes visit our garden so it would be lovely to have edible items higher up!

  43. I always need fresh herbs for cooking and this would be great to use for planting some !

  44. I would grow herbs in the planter to use in my kitchen. I like the fact it’s up high because it won’t make my back ache using it.

  45. I have an awful lot of flowers and shrubs in my garden but very little veg. I’d love to put this planter near the back door and use it for growing carrots, tomatoes, beetroot and herbs.

  46. Love growing anything flowers fruit and vegetables – would be perfect gor my dad – he loves his garden


  48. Apart from the lovely natural look of the planter, it is an ideal height for working at. I’d love to grow a mixture of vegetables and flowers – probably tomatoes, lettuce, herbs such as parsley and tarragon and nicotiana.

  49. This would certainly ease my back pain! Brilliant design and I like the sturdiness.(a lot of similar planters are a bit flimsy). I would grow all manner of salad foods;,leaves,spring onions,beetroot,radish,etc and position it near the kitchen door so we could enjoy freshly picked produce .

  50. I enjoy growing fruit and vegetables in my garden and this planter would be perfect to grow some salads and rocket because it’s high up and there is less chance of the slugs and snails getting to the crop. I love the design and it would be a great asset to my garden.

  51. I love the clean wooden look of the planter, it would look great in my small garden. Good looking as well as practical.

  52. Very useful for people wanting to grow a small amount of various salads and veg. I love these raised planters as I have a bad back and they are perfect to use.

  53. It looks very sturdy – just the thing for a salad – new potatoes, a tomato plant and a cut and come again lettuce or two!

  54. I love to grow what I can eat, I especially love growing herbs as they are so easy to grow and can be used in so many meals

  55. I like that this planter looks well made and the sections look really useful. So does the shelf underneath. We have cats and think the sections would help deter them from getting in there and using it as a raised litter tray! I think it would be great for some carrots as they are best in pots or raised planters as it helps to deter carrot fly.