100 Days of Home Ed #LoveHomeEd – Day 21 (Raising a Daisy)


We have one daughter, she’s 7 and has never been to school. Our reasons to home educate are vast but simply put into the facts, we don’t want the national curriculum to limit her love of learning and we don’t want her to be defined by standardised tests.

As a family unit she has two mothers; I am Mama in the blog world and there is Rainbow Mama my wife. I (Mama) facilitate her education Monday – Friday whilst Rainbow Mama works. I work evenings to fit around everything else.

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Approach to Home Ed and Typical Week

We do not define her education into a label. I often think we are autonomous but some parts of her education wouldn’t fit into that. We are simply in the apprenticeship of life stage.

Our Week usually revolves around her extra curricular activities. She attends 4 different dance classes a week (she has attended since the age of 3). Previously “The Daisy” worked all year through minus one week in September when I forced her to take a break. Last year she then requested a break, we had not long moved house so she enjoyed the summer through play and learning as we went along.

Highlight of Home Ed and Advice to Other Parents

Our daughter also has a passion for reading. Reading was the biggest concerns for me as I personally cannot remember learning to read. We signed her up to reading eggs online to help. We have always read to the daisy, every bedtime there has always been alot of books. I did some research that if you read to your child and your seen actively reading it’ll happen. However I’m a parent and so it still worried me. 

If you are a parent reading this, regardless of how you choose to educate your child, please don’t stress over this. The daisy has a reading age of an eleven year old! Yes, you read that right. She’s 7 and has a reading age of an eleven year old! Not that we define her learning on a scale but it’s often good to see where she currently sits on a scale.

So that’s our home ed journey in a nut shell, thanks for reading!

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*This is an updated version of a guest post by Raising A Daisy previously written and published in 2015.

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