PizzaExpress ‘Create Your Own Pizza’ Competition For Kids (#AD)

Squiggle and I love pizza – and we clearly aren’t the only ones; PizzaExpress sells over 30 million pizzas in UK supermarkets each year! It is also a treat to eat out of course and PizzaExpress also has 470 pizzerias across the UK to choose from! With a range of toppings and various vegetarian options too, plus allergies very well catered for, there are plenty of choices! But now it can get even better! Because now, PizzaExpress are inviting kids to create a brand-new pizza for the popular Piccolo menu to be dished out across all the stores. How amazing would that be!

PizzaExpress 'Create Your Own Pizza' Competition For Kids #AD

Jane, Food and Beverage Director and one of the expert judges, comments: “At PizzaExpress we pride ourselves on offering delicious food for families and our kids’ menu has been incredibly popular since its introduction. We were keen to see what kind of pizzas our young customers would like to see on the menu and from this, the ‘Create Your Own Pizza’ competition developed.”

The competition is for all budding pizzaiolos (pizza chefs) under the age of 13 years old and is very simple to enter. There are 20 ingredients to choose from, including some more adventurous options such as Béchamel sauce and Pestorissa alongside the classic favourites, from which four are to be selected. Then pick a cool, catchy name for the pizza invented; this part of the competition is very important to! The name should stand out and reflect the pizza itself, so choose carefully. Above all, have fun creating the masterpiece!

PizzaExpress 'Create Your Own Pizza' Competition For Kids

Visit to enter. Hurry though, the competition ends on Monday 17th June 2019! Other T&Cs are also on the website. Good luck, and have fun!

*This post is written in collaboration with PizzaExpress.

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