Physical Activities For Pre-Teens/ Teenagers (Gift Ideas)

When children are young they are inherently very physical. For some this doesn’t change, but many lose a little of this as they reach adolescence. This is because other things begin to dominate their time and thoughts. However, regular physical activities for pre-teens and teens can foster good mental and physical wellbeing, as well as improve focus and coordination. So it certainly is something that parents should try to encourage if they can. With all this in mind, here is my roundup of 9 fab gifts to help keep your older kids active…

Physical Activities For Pre-Teens/ Teenagers (Gift Ideas)


Chances are your teen or pre-teen has already had a bike; maybe they use it, or maybe not anymore. What a bicycle gives though is personal freedom to move about their area and get a better understanding of the neighbourhood. Needless to say there are numerous health benefits too. Bikes are healthy, social and can enable spacial awareness.

Football Training Aid

Football or soccer is commonly played in over 200 countries and is considered one of, if not the, most popular sports in the world. So at this age you probably already know how your child feels about the game. If they are partial to a spot of football though, then a training aid (or training kit) will help improve their coordination and keep them connected to the sport, even when they have no-one to play with.

Badminton Set

Interestingly, I think most people don’t hear much about badminton once leaving school and PE is no longer a thing. However, it does have its fans. The health benefits are unquestionable; there is evidence to support it doing a lot for lung and cardiovascular health, as well as being particularly good for diabetes. The best thing is that you don’t need a court to play and it can be enjoyed cross-generationally.

A Skateboard

For skateboarders, it is much more than skate boarding. There is an entire scene there; sport, competition, tricks, a lifestyle and culture to be explored. For many the scene allows them to make lifelong friends, find their taste in music and establish a place in the community (given where most skate parks are situated).

Rollerskates/ Rollerblades

Skating improves coordination, agility and balance. There are tricks to learn and it naturally builds stamina. More than anything though; rollerskating and rollerblading is incredibly fun socially.

Starter Gardening Tools

Ok, so gardening isn’t what many first consider of when they think of physical activities for teenagers. However, there is a lot to be enjoyed from it. Gardening fosters nurturing, caring and compassion for the natural world and also has a physical element, whilst simultaneously honing fine motor skills.

Obstacle Course Equipment

Not for everyone but obstacle courses can be heaps of fun and a great way to encourage friendly competition between pre-teen siblings or friends. The variety, ability to change difficulties and for the kids themselves to create new and exciting courses means that if they really get a taste for it then there are plenty of ways to go.

Outdoor Basketball Hoop

Whether or not there is any love for basketball, a hoop for the garden or driveway comes with a number of benefits. It encourages good healthy fun. And it can be played in a group or solo. It also keeps your teens close to home whilst ensuring they stay physical.

Yoga Starter Set

Fast becoming one of the most popular health practices, yoga is good for the mind and body. The pre-teen/ teenage years are one of the most prudent times to learn this, due to where things are at developmentally.


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