Life Skills For Your Child To Master

If you’re a parent, you’re probably very keen for your child to get a proper education, whether that’s at home or in an educational institution. However, alongside their academic work, it’s also critical for them to develop other essential life skills too. Here are some key skills to teach them…


Swimming is one of those extracurricular activities that is useful for kids to learn. It’s good for general wellbeing and is a great form of exercise. More than that, teaching water safety is essential for anytime they are close to an open body of water. 

Extracurricular Life Skills For Your Child To Master


Cycling is another skill that makes life better; just being able to hop on a bike and go where you please frees you up tremendously. Again, it is also a great form of exercise, plus it is a brilliant way to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

If your child isn’t at the cycling age yet then get them started on trikes. These don’t require as much balance, but they get your child used to the idea of rolling along. Many have brakes and pedals too, so you can get your child used to the idea of coordinating all of the necessary actions. 

If your older child has mobility issues there are a range of bikes suited for those with didsbilities.

Money Management

To help your child to be financially stable in the future, teaching them about money management is an absolutely essential life skill. Giving your child pocket money then offering them the freedom to spend it how they choose whilst also supporting them in the art of saving is a good strategy. At first, it’ll be hard for them to resist spending immediately, but, over time, they’ll get used to the idea that saving money is one of the best ways to get the things that they really want in life rather than spending on impulse. Teaching budgeting is another essential life skill for older kids.

Food Preparation

Food preparation is an essential life skill. There are plenty of simple meals that you can teach kids to prepare. Chopped fruit with yoghurt, for instance, is an excellent example. You can also show them how to make smoothies, so long as you have a safe machine. When developmentally ready, using the oven when supervised to make things like pasta bakes and cupcakes is another important skill. 

Extracurricular Life Skills For Your Child To Master


Basic household chores is something to teach children from a young age by encouraging them to help with simple age-appropriate tasks. Practising these life skills regularly as they grow up, for example by helping them to develop simple cleaning schedules and routines for household chores, will make their life much easier when they have a home of their own to look after.

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