#2poundchallenge – The £2 Food Challenge with Zamcog and Voucherbox 

Can I feed myself for £2 for one day?

That was the challenge set by Voucherbox. The purpose of this challenge is to raise money for the charity Zamcog, whose goal is to support Zambia’s most at-risk children through food and education. It costs £2 to feed and educate a child in Zambia every day, and for each #2poundchallenge post published, Voucherbox will donate £50 to Zamcog. That supports a vulnerable child for nearly a month! The challenge also aims to encourage people to think about their own food spending and waste too. 

How could I possibly say no? Of course I jumped straight onboard! So here is how I fed myself for £2 for one day (shopping from Sainsburys)…

Morning Smoothie (Breakfast)

Frozen Summer Fruits (500g £2.00) 50g 20p 

Fairtrade banana 16p each

Apple (family pack of 11 £1.75) 16p each

Small handful mixed seeds 6p 

Kale (500g £2) 10g 4p

(Almond milk £1 per litre) 100 ml 10p

= 72p

Lunch (Jacket with Beans)

Basics baked beans in tomato sauce (25p) 1/2 can 13p

Small baked potato 22p

= 35p

Dinner (Vegetable Cous Cous) 

Vegetable stock cubes (10 x 10g 65p) 7p

Cous cous (1kg £1.20) 200g 24p

Chargrilled mediterranean vegetables – aubergine, courgette, red & yellow peppers (500g £1.60) 100g 32p

Carrots (1kg 50p) 2 carrots finely sliced/ grated) 8p

Brocolli (335g 45p) 1/3 15p

Beansprouts (400g 65p) 40g 7p

= 93p

Total = £2

#2poundchallenge, two pound challenge, food challenge, Voucherbox, Zamcog, charity, fundraising, blogger, Living Life Our Way, campaigns, causes

I found it easier than I thought to do this for myself for one day, but it would have been a harder challenge to do it as a family, and I think I would also struggle to do it for long to be honest! However, I was able to still have my breakfast smoothie, albeit abit smaller than usual, that is packed with nutrition and sets me up for the day. I was also able to stick to my usual diet of mainly vegan and raw food, but did have to opt for frozen choices rather than all fresh in order to maintain eating a variety of fruit and vegetables within the small budget set.

It did make me think about how I could reduce my shopping budget though, which I will try to take onboard. I do often freeze fresh fruit and veg just before it goes off already, so this helps to minimise waste and cut down on costs. Also, if I had been doing this challenge at another time of year, I could have used alot of home-grown food. But I enjoyed taking on this challenge and I am thrilled to be able to use my blog to raise money for such a great cause too! 

Are you a blogger who would like to raise £50 for Zamcog? If so, why not take part in the #2poundchallenge too!

A Quick Cuppa With… The Happy Weaner

​Hello everyone, how are you all today? What plans do you have for this weekend? I’ve got my brew on the go, so here’s a little bit more about Claire and Lucy from The Happy Weaner

A Quick Cuppa With, The Happy Weaner, blogger, guest post, interview, Q and A, Living Life Our Way

Myself Claire, and Lucy met through a mutual friend when our boys were just 6 weeks old. We were subsequently adopted into the BEST NCT group and have been able to support each other through the roller coaster of being first time parents. Lucy is a professional photographer and I am a primary school teacher. 

Myself and Lucy are ‘no good’ in the kitchen and found weaning a bit of a minefield, plus I was petrified of choking but felt the pressure to do baby led weaning. So, back in August we thought that we’d combine our skills and Lucy would film and edit me ‘teaching’ parents how to cook for your baby if you are not a confident cook. We have a whale of a time filming and try to ‘keep it real’, especially when we’re LIVE!

You launched your blog live on facebook just a couple of days, congratulations! Tell me more…

We aim to share EASY recipes and live food hacks for fellow weaners. We are also starting to review products and will always be honest. On the blog we’ll also be sharing a little bit more about life with 1 year olds. 

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

For Claire – My husband (he’s just a wonderful human)

For Lucy – my parents, they have given me the best start and inspire me everyday.

Name one random fact about yourself.

A random fact about Claire – I can fit a malteaser up my nose #USEFUL

A random fact about Lucy – Her mum has just been nominated for an MBE for services to special educational needs #PROUD

How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

We both work alongside The Happy Weaner but I am part time and Lucy is freelance which makes it doable. We try to set aside a day a week to get everything done, this helps us focus on specifics and then we have the rest of the week with family/to work.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

As long as your’re enjoying it, keep doing it.

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’? 

Claire- I love a good social media session on my phone, when my husband is doing bath time I love to grab a drink and scroll to me hearts content.

Lucy- I’m keen writer and illustrator and I’m working on a series of children’s books so I try to get as much of that done as I can.

Since Living Life Our Way is a family lifestyle blog, I’d love to hear more about yours…

What are your favourite family activities?

Claire- Simply being together as a three piece. Going anywhere, doing anything is so much easier with the 2:1 ratio. 

Lucy- We love eating out as it means I don’t have to cook! So we trawl Didsbury and Heaton Moor sampling the food. 

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

Claire- My husband’s parents farm, where we had our wedding reception. 

Lucy – My parents live nearly next door to Tatton Park and it’s a great place for a runaround. My brother also lives on a canal boat so we like to visit the boats. 

Best family day out?

Claire – Doing a local walk and ending it in a pub.


Thank you both for taking part!

Check out more from The Happy Weaner here:

Blog: www.thehappyweaner.com
YouTube vlog

Facebook: The Happy Weaner

Instagram: The Happy Weaner

Have a lovely weekend! Katie xx

The (Not So) Little One Tag

I was tagged by Amy & Tots to do this fun quiz with Squiggle. Here are the questions, and her answers…

What is the best thing about being 8?

Lots of things! Having Pierre the seal!!! (Beanie boo cuddly toy). All of my Christmas presents!

What makes you laugh?

When daddy was still dancing after the music stopped!

Who do you love and Why?

Loads of people! I need to think about that question, it’s a very tricky question. Erm… mummy, daddy and the cuddler (a cuddly toy seal) because he jumps for cuddles!

Whats your favourite book?

Sylvanian catalogue

Favourite Food?

Don’t know.

Favourite Song?

I can’t pick one favourite, I love them all! If I had to pick one I would pick the seal song.

Favourite Outfit?

All my clothes.

Favourite Tv Programme?


Favourite Toy?

Big Pierre (the beanie boo cuddly toy seal). I just about picked! Obviously that is just one of my favourites, I love all of my toys!

Favourite thing to do?

Ah, so many things! Erm, obviously this is just one example because I have so many favourite things to do! Seeing the seals at Donna Nook. And going to Sealife Centre.

Donna Nook, The Wildlife Trusts, Lincolnshire, seals, pupping season, Living Life Our Way, days out
Donna Nook

Thanks for taking part Squiggle!

I now tag the following fab mamas to take part with their littlies…

Home with Mrs Harvey

Mayflower Blogs

 All The Beautiful Things

Mumma Hub

Emmys Mummy

#LivingLifeWild – RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 

I loved reading everyone’s posts from last week, and seeing your pictures too. Thank you all so much for taking part! Even when it’s cold and you feel reluctant to venture outdoors, it can turn out to be lots of fun, can’t it Eps and Amy?! lol! (Check out the blog post to see what I mean!) 

I have chosen the following instagram photo to share by Mammas School but it was a tough choice! I particularly loved this photo because I never would have thought to do pond dipping at this time of year, but it’s a great idea! 

All of the photos are fab though, I really loved seeing all of your adventures and look forward to seeing more this week! Don’t forget to use the hastag #livinglifewild and also tag me too so I don’t miss it!

#livinglifewild, Living Life Wild, linky, hashtag, nature, wildlife, environment, outdoors, green living, Living Life Our Way

This week we are preparing to do some citizen science for the Big Garden Birdwatch with RSPB. We have got our pack and made sure our garden is inviting and bird friendly! The Big Garden Birdwatch takes place this weekend from 28th-30th January. If you want to take part you can apply for your pack and download it here.

Big Garden Birdwatch, RSPB, #livinglifewild, Living Life Wild, Living Life Our Way, citizen science, nature, wildlife, environment, outdoors, green living, home education

Big Garden Birdwatch, RSPB, #livinglifewild, Living Life Wild, Living Life Our Way, citizen science, nature, wildlife, environment, outdoors, green living, home education

Share your posts (old or new) via the linky below. If you need further information about #livinglifewild hashtag and linky please check out the introduction, or contact me if you have any questions. Lastly, apologies again about the badge (teething issues!) – I am trying to work out how to resolve it, but have removed it temporarily until it is sorted. Please feel free to text link to my blog instead if possible, thanks. 

Have a fantastic wild week everybody!!!

Valentines Day: What Do Women Really Want?

Do you celebrate Valentines Day? And if so, how? Of course everyone is different, and no doubt there is no exception when it comes to this special occasion, but Rattan Direct are seeking to discover more about Valentines Day preferences and habits by carrying out a survey. 

(Click here to take the survey)

Valentines Day, Rattan Direct, survey, special occasion, what women want, Living Life Our Way
Stock image

The survey asks questions such as how and where you would choose to spend Valentines Day, how much your budget usually is, who you think should organise and pay for the date, and what your thoughts are on this special occasion. Do you think it is all a making money con, or do you throw your heart and soul into it? Would you rather go out to the cinema, have a nice meal, head to a bar for a few drinks, snuggle on the sofa for a cosy night in, or spend the evening having some time to yourself? Do you think under £100 is ample enough budget or do you splash the cash to the extreme and budget £500 plus for it?!

Personally, I think the budget range should have started much lower; the first option was 0-£100, which I honestly think is a massive range and imagine most people I know would fall somewhere in this category probably! If I were celebrating, I would say a budget (well) under £50 would be enough.

Valentines Day, Rattan Direct, survey, special occasions, Living Life Our Way
Stock image

I personally think both people in a couple should treat each other equally, so if one person organises and pays then that shouldn’t always be the same person! Or plan the ideal night together and split the cost. For me, equality all the way…

As for what I would choose to do, all of the options sounded nice to be honest! I think it’s more about spending time together than about what you do specifically. 

And what do I think of Valentines Day generally? Well, I think it’s nice for couples to spend time together obviously! But I also think that should be something that occurs regularly, not just a big gesture on one day of the year. I admit that I do think Valentines Day is over commercialised, but then again, it is what you choose to make it!

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Rattan Direct.*

A Quick Cuppa With… Notaneffingfairytale

If, like me, you could do with some lighthearted relief about now then you are in for a treat! Today my hilarious guest poster is stand up comic, actor and comedy writer Cookie Kibbles. Enjoy!

A Quick Cuppa With, notaneffingfairytale, Cookie Kibbles, interview, Q and A, guest post, Living Life Our Way

Hi! Please start by introducing yourself…

My name is Cookie Kibbles and I am the writer of NotaneffingfairytaleI am a stand up comic, actor and comedy writer by trade (i.e I am skint), and I have two children – a toddler and a teenager which I can tell you, isn’t funny AT ALL. 

Name one random fact about yourself.

I once kissed Liam Gallagher and it was crap.

*(Living Life Our Way disclaimer: this is the guest poster’s opinion only, and the fact can not be verified 😉 LOL)*

(Excuse me a minute while I stop laughing!) Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Dawn French. She is a brilliant, brilliant comic writer and actress and a lovely person too. If I could have anyone’s career, it would be hers. Right from the early days of her career everything she has done has been amazing.

Tell me about your blog. What is the main theme? What inspired you to start it? 

My blog is an odd one, it’s a collection of articles that I have written, some of which have been published and some for my own amusement. It is a mixed bag of comedy, parenting, relationships and anything else that interests me. It started life as a parenting blog, but it’s now mainly about anything that I want it to be – relationships, life etc… And swearing. I like swearing. I either write with a comic slant or very seriously and I probably over share way too much.

I also do a series of stories about ‘Mummy Princess’; a fat, functioning alcoholic Princess who is married to an idiot. It’s mainly based on my life and it’s where the whole Notaneffingfairytale idea came from.

Most of the comedy based blogs start out as notes for stand up sets and are then expanded into articles.

Do you blog full time or do you work as well? How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

I am totally the wrong person to give advice on this one, seeing as my life revolves around watching Jeremy Kyle and the Kardashians. 

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

Don’t worry about what you are writing, write the things that you like. 

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’? 

I drink. At home, at the pub, I am not picky. For me it’s important to have my own life away from my husband and children, so I see friends in the evenings quite often.

What are your favourite family activities? 

Oh God, after 14 years of this parenting lark, I would have to say not many. Sad, but true. When my son was small I did all the zoo’s, soft play centers and days out and most of the time, it was a real slog and none of us enjoyed it. It was a never ending chore of tantrums when we’d have all been better off staying at home.

This time around, I have a toddler who is a real homebody. She loves animals though, so I do take her to the local urban farm from time to time. But this time, I don’t feel the pressure to be out and doing family activities.

Christ, I sound like a miserable old git!

Where is your favourite place to visit?

Pub, pub lunch, more pub, chippy on way home.

(Seriously though – Hounslow Urban Farm in west London is pretty near us and a nice place to visit).

If you fancy a laugh and want to read more from Cookie then head on over to her at the following places:

Blog: www.notaneffingfairytaleblog.com


Instagram: instagram.com/cookiekibbles

Twitter: @cookiekibbles

Bakerdays Letterbox Cake: Review and Competition

When bakerdays tweeted me asking if I would like to review their letterbox gift cake I was quite excited! Admittedly, I am not a particularly big fan of cake generally (I know, I know… it’s weird) but I was really intrigued by the concept of a cake that can literally be delivered straight through the letterbox. Would that really work?! I had to find out. And I knew that Squiggle would jump at the chance to share some cake with me too!

bakerdays, letterbox cake, Valentines Day, special occasion, gift, dairy-free cake, gluten-free cake, review

The website is very user-friendly and there is a massive selection of designs to choose from for all different occasions, including options to personalise with text or an image. I spent ages trying to pick my favourite design because there are so many great choices! 

bakerdays, letterbox cake, Valentines Day, special occasion, gift, dairy-free cake, gluten-free cake, review

I finally settled on this design with my own personal message that I knew would make Squiggle giggle…

bakerdays, letterbox cake, Valentines Day, special occasion, gift, dairy-free cake, gluten-free cake, review

There were a selection of sponges to choose from too. I really like the fact that all of the designs in their entire range can be ordered as a gluten-free or dairy-free option, rather than there being a restricted selection of choices, as is often the case. It is worth noting that the dairy-free option is not vegan, as it does contain eggs. 

bakerdays, letterbox cake, Valentines Day, special occasion, gift, dairy-free cake, gluten-free cake, review

Whilst we avoid gluten as much as we can, medically we do not need to be strict about it, so I decided on the dairy-free option instead. We do generally try to eat as closely to vegan as we can manage anyway but, apart from anything else, I was keen to test how the dairy-free version tasted! 

The cake didn’t take long to arrive and, as promised, it plopped through my letterbox without fuss. The box landed face down and I must say I felt a slight wave of anticipation, as well as excitement, as I picked it up to check the contents! 

bakerdays, letterbox cake, Valentines Day, special occasion, gift, review

I need not have worried; the cake comes very well packaged, secured in a cake tin, inside the cardboard box. It also has plastic packaging to keep it fresh and well protected within the tin itself. It even has thoughtful instructions on how to remove it carefully without damage!

bakerdays, letterbox cake, Valentines Day, special occasion, gift, dairy-free cake, gluten-free cake, review

The cake itself was delicious! The sponge was light and fluffy, with a lovely buttery filling (which incidently is on the bottom of the cake as opposed to in the middle, due to the letterbox design!) and the icing was soft and tasty. Squiggle was very impressed too; she declared “thank you for sending the cake, I love it!” 

We demolished it pretty quickly, but the 5″ letterbox size is easily big enough for 3 or 4 generous portions, as it suggests. We really enjoyed it.

bakerdays, letterbox cake, Valentines Day, special occasions, gift, review, dairy free cake, gluten free cake

I like the novelty factor of getting a cake delivered directly through the letterbox, it was nicely presented and it was yummy too! So I think a letterbox cake would make a great unique gift for Valentines Day, or any other occasion.

bakerdays, letterbox cake, Valentines Day, special occasion, gift, dairy-free cake, gluten-free cake, review

For more information about bakerdays…



Twitter: @bakerdays

Last but not least; to be in with a chance to win a 5″ letterbox gift cake in your choice of design, enter my giveaway via the rafflecopter app below. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ends at midnight on 8th February 2017. Open to UK residents only. Prize will be sent out by 1st class Royal Mail. Other T&Cs apply. (See rafflecopter for details).

*Disclosure: bakerdays sent me a free letterbox cake for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

A Quick Cuppa With… Not A Perfect Parent

​Continuing with my guest series, I have another blogger for you today; the lovely Naomi from Not A Perfect Parent. So grab yourself a cuppa and welcome Naomi to my little home on the internet…

A Quick Cuppa With, Not A Perfect Parent, blogger, guest post, interview, Q and A, Living Life Our Way

Hello Naomi! Please introduce yourself…
I’m Naomi! I got engaged to Babs in January 2015 and then Lola was born in January 2016! We live in Maidstone, Kent and hopefully moving soon as we desperately need a bigger place for all Lola’s toys! Babs and I met whilst we were working together a few years ago, I left the company and then he left, I went back and then he went back! That’s when we got together!  I fell pregnant only 6 months after we got together and it was 1000% the right thing regardless of what anybody said about us not being together long enough! Lola is our entire world!

Name one random fact about yourself.

I have a degree in Music and Education Studies! I’ve always wanted to be a music therapist! One day that dream may come true but I don’t think it will be any time soon!

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Giovanna Fletcher! She is fantastic, she is so down to earth and speaks about everything that would not normally be spoken about. I love that she speaks out about post baby bodies, breastfeeding and baby led weaning! Her new book is released soon and I really can’t wait!

Tell me about your blog. What is the main theme? What inspired you to start it? 

I decided to start my blog as something to look back on as Lola is growing up. She has grown so quickly and I already find myself thinking I must go back and look at what she was doing each month! Each month I include a monthly update on Lola and everything else is around Parenting and Lifestyle. I post a lot about breastfeeding, baby led weaning and challenges with a baby!

Do you blog full time or do you work as well? How do you juggle your time? Any tips?

I’m a stay at home mummy to Lola. It worked out so much more cost in childcare than me going back to work. I would love to be able to spend more time blogging but I don’t get a chance as I’m too busy chasing Lola everywhere! The fortunate thing is that as I’m not working it means that Lola and I have managed to go to quite a few events that we would not have necessarily been able to attend if I was working.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow bloggers?

Enjoy what you write! I stupidly took on a few too many reviews a while ago so I felt like all I was writing was reviews which seemed to loose the point of my blog. I now try to make sure if I’m taking on a few reviews at once that I set myself different deadlines so I can have a mixture of posts on my blog!

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time’? 

I don’t know what free time is anymore! If I could have a couple of hours free I would just curl up on the sofa, eating rubbish and watching crappy TV!

What are your favourite family activities? 

Swimming! Lola absolutely loves swimming! It’s lovely seeing her so happy when in the water she really is truly a water baby! Lola also loves our days out as we have been to so many different places using our English Heritage membership.

Where is your favourite outdoor place to visit?

I love Knole Park but surprisingly I’ve only been once with Lola since she was born! I love that you can walk through the grounds of Knole Park and have the deer running round you! We have been to Cobtree Country Park a few times and also Mote Park as they are both great places for going for long walks and have fantastic cafes for once you are exhausted! Especially in this weather to warm up as well!!

Best family day out? 

We love going to Zoo’s! Lola first visited the zoo when she was 6 weeks old as we have annual passes and we make sure to visit every few months. Our annual pass is for Howletts Zoo in Kent and I really don’t know what we will do when it expires in February! Since Lola was born we have also been to London Zoo, Paradise Wildlife Park and Smarden Wildlife Heritage Foundation.

Thank you for taking part Naomi, lovely to ‘meet’ you!

You can find Naomi here:

Website: notaperfectparent.com

Instagram: notaperfectparent

Twitter: naomiemma

Facebook: notaperfectparent

Home Security Tips For Peace of Mind

It’s that time of year when people are thinking about booking a holiday, and starting to plan ahead for their next trip. As stated on Police.uk homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures. Therefore if you spend alot of time on days out or travelling, or if you are simply planning  your next holiday, it is important to think about home security. There are many ways to leave your home more secure when unattended. Here are some top tips for home security to leave you feeling reassured while away from home… 

home security, travel, days out, holidays, living life our way
Stock Image

Simple Measures

  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked, including gates.
  • Leave keys and valuables out of sight.
  • Be part of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme or informally agree with neighbours to look out for each others’ properties.
  • Have a visible security system in place, such as this Panasonic outdoor camera.
home security, travel, days out, holidays, home, living life our way
Stock Image

Night Security

  • Arrange for curtains to be drawn at night then opened in the morning.
  • Make sure you have good outdoor lighting. Outdoor solar lights are relatively cheap and eco friendly.
  • Put indoor lights on a timer or use an app to control them.
home security, travel, holidays, planning trips, home, living life our way
Stock Image

Holidays/ Travelling

  • Arrange for Royal Mail to hold your post using their keepsafe service. (Or ask a trusted friend/ neighbour to keep it safe for you).
  • Have a neighbour park their vehicle in your driveway.
  • Avoid using pet sitting companies that advertise their services on their vehicle – this also alerts potential thieves that you are away!
  • Avoid talking about specific details of your travel plans publicly or posting about it on social media.
  • Remember all of the simple security measures and night security tips above also apply here too. 

    Happy travels everyone! Do you have any top tips to share?

    This is a sponsored post. It also contains an affiliate link. 

    Introducing #LivingLifeWild Community

    Welcome! I am SO excited to introduce you all to #LivingLifeWild – the new hashtag and weekly linky for any posts and photos related to nature, wildlife, green living, environment and outdoor adventures…

    #livinglifewild, Living Life Wild, nature, wildlife, green living, outdoors, environment, linky, blogging, hashtag, instagram, community

    The Linky

    Each Thursday I will post up a new linky for you to share your latest blog posts related to the theme. The linky will remain open until the following week, when the new one begins. If you do share a link, please comment on the linked up post directly before your own, the host post (ie mine) and at least one other. I will always try to comment on all of the links shared too. Also remember to grab a badge and share it on your blog post too! (Edit 22/01 teething issues with my badge! Please tag me in your post instead until I get the badge running, apologies and thank you!)

    The hashtag

    This does not mean you have to be a blogger to get involved! Anyone can join in; please tag me in your own latest nature, wildlife, green living, natural environment or outdoor adventure photos/ posts on instagramtwitter or facebook and use the hastag #LivingLifeWild to be part of our community. I will share as many on social media as possible, plus I will also choose one or two to share in the following week blog post too 💚

    I hope this explains things well enough but if you do have any questions then please feel free to get in touch via the comment section below. 


    So to kick it all off, I am going to keep it very simple for this week and just share my most recent instagram photo from this past week:

    I can’t wait to read your posts and see your pictures! Have a wild week, see you next Thursday!

    Katie xx