November Rain Poncho: Review and Giveaway 

November Rain is an awesome stylish brand of poncho that launched back in November 2016 in USA, and are now available in the UK too. I was kindly sent one of these funky ponchos to review and also have a giveaway for one lucky reader to win one too! (See further down to enter).

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November Rain poncho – Ocean Blue design

November Rain ponchos come in a choice of three lovely designs. I admit I deliberated for sometime on my decision before opting for the plain Ocean Blue design (because I have lots of patterned tops and figured this would be more versatile if I might want to wear it partially unzipped anytime!) I was genuinely really drawn to both of the patterned designs too though; love them!

The poncho comes in a little pouch so it is easy to keep it in your bag then throw it on quickly when needed. (Make sure it is dry before you pop it back in the pouch though of course!) It is made with enough room that it can fit any size and shape, and will fit over layers too. It was abit shorter than I imagined; given the fact that I’m only 5 ft 1, I was surprised it didn’t go at least to my knees to allow for taller people. At least that meant Squiggle could also use it too if really necessary lol! 

November Rain, poncho, eco, clothing, giveaway, green living, lifestyle, outdoors, review, Living Life Our Way
Squiggle wearing the poncho.

They are very well designed, with poppers to make ‘sleeves’ and a zip fastening at the front, plus a detachable hood too. The ponchos are printed using sublimation, which is an eco-friendly waterless method of printing. They also have reinforced stitching and heat sealed seams, meaning they are heavy duty and fully waterproof. It feels comfortable and lightweight to wear though, and looks stylish compared to most!

November Rain, poncho, eco, clothing, giveaway, green living, lifestyle, outdoors, review, Living Life Our Way
With and without the detachable hood.

The poncho retails at £49 in the UK but, as I said, it is great quality and is intended to be quite the opposite of the cheap disposable ones you usually find; this eco-friendly poncho is designed to last a lifetime. This is one of the main reasons I like it; it is much better for the environment to invest in one that will last, rather than create more waste using disposable or short-lived versions. 

But my absolute favourite thing? The brand pledges a full 10% of all turnover to water projects in developing countries. And November Rain is not limiting the resources given to just clean drinking water, they are also funding irrigation projects for crops in areas where water can be the main limiting factor for people being able to put food on the table. Thanks to their popularity, the company has already funded a hydroponic vegetable growing system at a children’s rescue mission in Northern Thailand valued at $3,000USD.

November Rain ponchos are born from Belinda Coker, the same founder of Envirosax – the original designer reusable bag. She explains: “After the success of Envirosax, I realized the importance of sharing the wealth created with those not so fortunate. It’s not all about the money, it’s about creating something that people love with benefits that keep flowing to those in need.” It is so important to make conscious choices, and I totally support brands who actively protect the environment, especially when they also give back in some way. So I am really impressed with this brand!

November Rain, poncho, eco, clothing, giveaway, green living, lifestyle, outdoors, review, Living Life Our Way

You can also purchase these ponchos from Amazon UK or via the November Rain website for USA. 

Last but not least, one lucky reader can win a November Rain poncho! To be in with a chance of winning, enter my giveaway via Rafflecopter below. 

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Open to UK and USA residents. Competition closes on 2nd April 2017. Other T&Cs apply.

November Rain, poncho, eco, clothing, giveaway, green living, lifestyle, outdoors, review, Living Life Our Way

Disclosure: I received a poncho free for the purpose of this review. Thoughts and opinions are all my own. 
*This post contains an Amazon UK affiliate link. 

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78 thoughts on “November Rain Poncho: Review and Giveaway ”

  1. I like the Tribe Design – I would love to win a poncho because it rains a lot in my town (Manchester).

  2. I love the navy design would be perfect for walking the dog in those rainy days and for overnight fishing xx

  3. I love the Tribe pattern. I’d love to win as one would be so useful when we go out and about in our campervan where space is at a premium and it often rains!!!! 🙂

  4. My favourite colour is NAVY. This would be ideal for walking our 3 dogs – you never know when it is going to rain! Fantastic prize, thank you so much x

  5. Navy, as shown in the pictures on this blog. Handy, rain not always predicted accurately. So good to have appropriate clothing handy to have protection from the rain.

  6. I would choose the Ocean blue one because it would look great with whatever I was wearing and I would like to own because it would be so handy to keep in my bag for those unexpected showers when we are out walking as I have managed to get soaked through on several occasions!

  7. The Ocean Blue colour would be perfect and go with almost anything and would keep me dry when I take my dogs on their daily walks. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  8. I like the tribe design, & would love one as they are so easy to have with you when going out for the day, or a walk without being weighed down with bigger waterproofs or coats

  9. I’d love the Ocean Blue one to keep me dry with our wonderfully unpredictable British weather

  10. The Oriental Bird is gorgeous. I would wear this all the time as a coat to put over myself and son whilst I baby wear him to keep us both dry

  11. I like the Ocean Blue one. i work in a day nursery, and we spend a lot of time outside. This would be great in the summer because my rain coat is too heavy for hot weather.

  12. Fab idea, perfect for when out walking with the kiddies – easy to stash under the pram and perfect for the school run rain showers that always appear at 3pm

  13. I love the blue one, and would love to win one as I am not a fan of wearing coats, I find them restrictive and these would look lovely on.

  14. I would really like the Ocean Blue. As a “woman of a weird shape” I find getting coats that fit difficult but one of these ponchos would (hopefully) fit 🙂

  15. I like all the designs, but I think I’d choose the Ocean Blue because I have some lovely brightly coloured Bobble hats which would go beautifully with this shade of blue.

  16. I would love the oriental bird, perfect for the school run, I have small shoulders and always struggle to get coats to fit well, a poncho is an absolutely fab alternative and not easily available elsewhere at such high quality.

  17. The Ocean Blue one; my husband can have eye problems with certain patterns so it’s better to stick to plain. Blue colour is nice, too.

  18. The Ocean Blue as I recently gave my poncho to my aunt as she came to stay and borrowed it and I didn’t feel I could ask her for it back

  19. I actually love the simplicity of the pacific blue poncho. Perfect, fashionable, simple, beautiful. Perfect for festivals!

  20. I love the Tribe pattern. I would find it so useful as I walk everywhere and push a pushchair so can’t carry an umbrella with me.

  21. November Rain Waterproof Poncho – Rain Jacket with Hood (Oriental Bird) is so pretty, love it! Rain jackets are usually not pretty like this! x

  22. I love the Oriental Bird design. I would love one of these as I always find raincoats quite restrictive and this looks like it will allow a lot more movement.

  23. The tribe poncho is gorgeous. I’d love one because when I go for walks I’m always with my kids and I never carry an umbrella as I’m pushing one of them in a buggy.

  24. I would love the Ocean Blue and living in Cornwall we get plenty of rain….almost constant at times

  25. Would love the Ocean Blue and would be great to win and have in the car to put on for when the April showers start

  26. I would choose the Oriental Bird design and I would like to win one as I have never tried a poncho before but these ones make them look positively stylish!

  27. I would chose ocean blue as it looks awesome and would be very handy. I’ve started working a lot in the area and don’t want to be beaten by the rain so this would be perfect!

  28. I would choose Ocean Blue, as most of my clothes are black, or very dark, so this would go with pretty much my whole wardrobe!, I do a lot of hill walking around where I live, so this November Rain Poncho would be perfect for my needs.

  29. I think Ocean Blue would e my choice, too, as I like outerwear to be plain but stylish and much of my wardrobe is in shades of blue. This is a very practical garment and being short myself I would find this ideal to carry in my rucksack on walks as our crazy weather never seems to be able to make up its mind.

  30. These look great for popping in a bag when you are off out for a walk and rain is in the forecast! So light weight and love that they have a detachable hood too. I would choose the oriental bird design x