My Zero Waste Haul (with Eco Friendly Bundle Giveaway)

As part of Plastic Free July, I have been making more effort to find new ways to reduce waste in our home. We have been on a journey to consciously gradually reduce our waste, and especially plastic, for a while now anyway but there will always be more action we can take! So I walked around the house, and looked at our current waste and recycling, to come up with an action plan. Then I did some online shopping for zero waste essentials! Here are some of my purchases:

Bamboo Cloths

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I purchased these Cheeky Wipes reusable cloths through Amazon* for multiple purposes. They come in a pack of 25 in five different colours (£17), which is handy for keeping separate cloths for own their different uses/ remembering who they belong to!

green living, eco, environmentally friendly, zero waste, environment, sustainable, plastic free, bamboo cloths

I was disappointed that they arrived in plastic wrapping! However, aside from that I am pleased with them; they are a nice size and wash well.

Bamboo Toothbrush

green living, eco, environmentally friendly, zero waste, environment, sustainable, plastic free, bamboo toothbrush

I needed a new toothbrush so it seemed the perfect time to opt for a more sustainable alternative than the usual plastic toothbrush! This lovely bamboo toothbrush (RRP £2.75) was kindly sent to me directly from Save Some Green, along with one to giveaway as part of my mini eco bundle too! (See below to enter). It even comes in eco friendly packaging, very impressed!

Coconut Scrub Pads

green living, eco, environmentally friendly, zero waste, environment, sustainable, plastic free, coconut scrub

Again, the Safix scrub pad (RRP £2.70) was kindly received from Save Some Green and is a super environmentally friendly alternative to usual versions. It is biodegradable and compostable so zero waste.

green living, eco, environmentally friendly, zero waste, environment, sustainable, plastic free, coconut scrub



Resuable Water Bottle

green living, eco, environmentally friendly, zero waste, environment, sustainable, plastic free, reusable water bottle

Squiggle’s dad bought this water bottle from a local store recently, which can also be purchased through Amazon: Brita Fill & Go Water Bottle* (£12.37). However, I also know that the Clean Kanteen water bottle (£30) comes highly recommended and is made from stainless steel, so that would have been even better still!

Food Wraps and Zip Bag

green living, eco, environmentally friendly, zero waste, environment, sustainable, plastic free, food bag, reusables

green living, eco, environmentally friendly, zero waste, environment, sustainable, plastic free, reusables, food wrap

I purchased this Planet Wise zip bag (£5.95) and Abeego food wraps (£14.95) from Babipur. They are really easy to wipe clean and a very handy alternative to cling film!

green living, eco, environmentally friendly, zero waste, environment, sustainable, plastic free, abeego, food wrap, reusable

Babipur have also kindly offered these two fab items as a prize for one lucky winner. You can enter via instagram below:

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***GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED. WINNER ANNOUNCED IN COMMENTS. THANKS ALL FOR TAKING PART.*** As part of #PlasticFreeJuly I purchased this Planet Wise zip sandwich bag and Abeego wraps, which are so useful 💚 I have now teamed up with @Babipur for one lucky instagrammer to win their very own awesome reusable eco essentials! 😊👍 Prize: Planet Wise zip sandwich bag (caribou bloom design) and a pack of 2 large Abeego wraps. To enter: All you need to do to enter is like this photo, follow me and @Babipur here on IG then tag a friend in comments! T&Cs: Winner will be drawn at random after the closing date. Ends 11.59pm on 12th August 2017. UK residents only (sorry everyone else!) Prize is kindly offered and dispatched by Babipur. Good luck! (My own items are pictured, but prize is the same).

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Reusable Straws

I have already written about my fab straw purchases from Eco Straws, plus it is not too late to enter my giveaway to win a set of bamboo straws too!
Last but not least…

green living, eco, environmentally friendly, zero waste, environment, sustainable, plastic free, Save Some Green, giveaway, competition, win
Save Some Green have sent me this awesome mini eco bundle for one lucky winner to win! Enter via rafflecopter below:

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Competition closes 20th August 2017. Open to UK residents only. Other T&Cs apply.

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140 thoughts on “My Zero Waste Haul (with Eco Friendly Bundle Giveaway)”

  1. I compost all my confidential shredded material, use cloth bags and recycle all tins cans etc. I am trying to make tthings out of things I already own ie make storage boxes etc

  2. My boyfriend hates it, but I try to not flush the toliet as much as I possible can. I like to reuse my cotton bags at the shops and now i’ve invested in some washable cotton pads to remove make up with

  3. I recycle everything that I can, I also try to buy only what I need and cook up and freeze to avoid wasting things.

  4. I use fabric bags at supermarket check-outs, refusing plastic bags. We recycle glass, tins, paper & compost garden rubbish. I buy fruit & veg at local farm shop as produce tends to be loose & not pre-packed in plastic & I use my own cardboard box for carrying the items

  5. I’m doing more and more each year. I’m going to learn to repair clothing and shoes so that I can make a move away from disposable fashion – I’ll buy better quality so that it lasts longer and will also make minor repairs rather than throwing away and buying new

  6. I’m reducing waste by trying to buy less, reuse more and where possible buy 2nd hand or up cycled

  7. I’ve started to use reusable straws, have a menstral cup, use reusable bags and trying to buy more produce with less plastic packaging!

  8. Try to keep the car an extra year – a huge amount of energy and natural resourcesgoes into building every one. Likewise, keep washing machines and other domestic equipment until it really wears out.

  9. I’ll be taking a couple of ‘bags for life’ with me when shopping, instead of buying 5p carrier bags.

  10. Only today we ordered some holiday switch timers as we’re sick of the kids leaving their devices on charge and televisions on. We also pass on additional food to those in need and have brought full meals to homeless and those that are in financial hardship as I reguarly cook more than I need as the sell by dates are getting close, this means we get to use the food yet others get to benefit too.

  11. We recycle and upcycle everything we can as well as donating things to our local freecycle for people who may need or can make use of things and we always freeze leftovers to be eaten at a later date 🙂

  12. I’m trying to use up all my consumables so I’m not buying more. I’m also taking apart an old dress so that I can use the fabric to make my daughter a new dress.

  13. We use bamboo or metal straws instead of the disposable plastic straws, we do not use plastic bags, instead we have lots of cloth bags for our shopping, we recycle all our packaging, use our food scraps for our compost heap, we have a water butt which we use to water our plants.

  14. I don’t use a bag when I buy loose fruit and veg. I never buy carrier bags if I forget my bag I load it into car without bags and get my bag when I get home

  15. I recycle as much as possible, I use microfiber cleaning cloths, eco washing powder and washing up liquid, I have a water butt and a wormery as well

  16. We try to find another use for as much of our rubbish as possible and my three compost bins turn loads of waste into usable compost which I then don’t need to buy in plastic bags!

  17. I get a real kick out of recycling and reducing waste with everything. I recycle all my old possessions by taking to the recycling centre or charity shops. I use bag for life bags always. Tesco have just introduced a policy where only bags for life at 10p are available. About time. When I see people taking numerous bags just to take their shopping to a car makes my blood boil.

  18. I’m constantly checking any rubbish to see if i can recycle it and i’m also trying to educate my children to use less water when brushing teeth etc

  19. My mother used to make us one meal a week of leftovers rather like scrambled vegetables. I have started using cold, leftover vegetables in salads and sauces so they are not thrown out. And I rarely buy plastic drinks or handwash bottles these days.

  20. I am trying to make meals with leftovers, being creative to say the least, to reduce the food waste this house produces

  21. I am already really waste conscious – I am choosy about what I buy and recycle packaging as much as possible

  22. These items look really great. I’ve been following a lot of “Plastic Free July” accounts and I’m learning a lot. We’re trying to actively reduce our plastic use by doing things such as making our own cleaning products.

  23. I always bring my reusable shopping bags when buying groceries and I bring my reusable water bottle and travel mug everywhere to reduce waste

  24. we already use cloth nappies, wipes and csp. I’ve ditched the disposable razor. Next I want to reduce the amount of plastic we buy

  25. I am going to weight the fruit and veg that I need so that I dont waste food when it goes bad 🙂

  26. I think I’m pretty good- but most of us could do better. I’ve started to look at not just recycling or reusing what we buy but also vetting what we buy in the first place to reduce packaging etc coming into the house to begin with.

  27. I am generally pretty frugal – I am transitioning to become a vegan, I have solar panels, use slow cookers, tend not to heat my house in the winter etc – I sound great fun don’t I?!

  28. We try to use up every bit of food, even if it means having strange combinations for dinner – some of which have turned out really well x

  29. At my previous house I had a compost bin and a wormery, but when we moved house they did not come with us. I need to get composting again!

  30. We do try to be eco friendly at the moment but we could always do more. We pop all veggie leftovers on the compost heap and grow a lot of our own veg and salad! Kids absolutely love it! Sounds silly but I have a tiny bag in my shopping bags for loose veg so I don’t need lots of little plastic bags for 2 carrots etc. 🙂

  31. I always recycle and I don’t drive, but I do tend to borrow my parents dryer quite a lot so I’m going to do that a lot less often!

  32. we use soap nuts for washing when they are done with they get put in the compost bin along with other compostable waste that is then used to grow my veggies i use jute bags for shopping buy bars of soap then save all the bits and grate them up and boil them in water to make liquid soap we don’t waste food i recycle old clothes etc and use them for clothes or in quilting always look for another use for something before throwing it away theres lots more we do its just remembering them all because we do them daily

  33. I try to buy ‘preloved’ clothes where possible and practical. The amount of clothes we wear, driven by the fashion industry etc is truly wasterful and disgraceful!

  34. I’m teaching my son how to reduce waste. We are recycling whenever possible and making things out of junk. Hes wanting to recycle spoons and forks into jewellery next

  35. We actually have recycling bins by the council, we have also cut right back on food waste by planning meals and using leftovers is different sauces

  36. We do our best to reduce waste by buying loose fruit and vegetable. Use canvas bags. Reuse any plastic bags we are given, irrespective of their size.

    We are open to suggestions / ideas to improve recycling, etc.

  37. I buy fruit and veg loose and provide my own reusable bags as i dislike all the packaging. I have also invested in a stainless steel flask for cold drinks to take with me when i go outside.

  38. I use very few household cleaners as is (allergies etc) but recently have become much better with food waste. Freeze anything and everything for stock, also make the whole jar up when I’m using a prepared paste/sauce and freeze extra portions rather than end up chucking the half in a jar lurking in the fridge.

  39. I am trialling only buying what we need to eat for each on the day (apart from things like cereal bread milk coffee and auger lol we gotta have the mornings sorted right!)

  40. Bring reusable bags and containers when shopping, travelling, or packing lunches or leftovers.
    Choose products that are returnable, reusable, or refillable over single-use items and avoid individually wrapped items, snack packs, and single-serve containers.

  41. I’ve been trying to cut down on plastic use this year and I’ve been encouraged with the alternatives that are about. The one thing that has been a struggle for me has been an alternative to cling film so this has been helpful, I love my bamboo toothbrush

  42. Avoid food waste by using all of the veggies (e.g. Carrot top pesto – delicious!!) and growing my own where possible to avoid the need for any packaging!

  43. I’ve already managed to switch my partner from using paper towels to reusable cloths for cleaning. I’ve also switched to more eco friendly toiletries and household goods wherever I can, use as many recycled products as possible and make an effort to reuse or repurpose anything non-recyclable. We keep plastic bags to a minimum and I’m currently knitting the few I have into a durable shopping bag that will hopefully last us forever. Plus we eat food scraps such as potato peels which people would usually throw away!

    1. Sorry, managed to delete part of my post – eco friendly products which come in reduced packaging and reuse containers such as spray bottles.

  44. I keep cloth bags folded in my handbag so avoid plastic bags at all costs. I also use a travel flask and mug as well as bamboo toothbrush.