JungleCulture Eco Products: Review and Giveaway

I am always looking for new eco-friendly brands and sustainable products that can support and enhance my own zero waste journey. And JungleCulture eco products certainly do that!

JungleCulture Eco Brand

JungleCulture is an eco brand with a fabulous philosophy; they aim to inspire others to see the beauty and purpose in nature. To this end, they manufacture and source eco-friendly goods from independent artisans worldwide, and greatly value deep relationships with the individuals and communities they work alongside.

The company offers a variety of eco products, such as:

• Bamboo straws

• Bamboo cutlery

• Coconut bowls

• Stainless steel straws

• Eco-friendly razors

• Natural soap

Most of these items are also available in bundled sets and come with coloured pouches and brushes. Some of their items can be customised too, with a personalised name engraved on them. Great as a gift, or to help family members know which item belongs to who!

JungleCulture Eco Products Review

I’m a big fan of what JungleCulture is setting out to achieve; I believe the best sustainable swaps are ones that highlight their own strengths rather than replicating the style of less ecofriendly wares. JungleCulture eco range does this perfectly.

The earth inspired styles stand out and feel delightfully unique, and they’re expertly crafted too.  JungleCulture have been kind enough to send me some excellent examples of their products to try for myself…

JungleCulture Eco Products: Review and Giveaway

Handmade Bamboo Straws

Harvested and handcrafted by a small, family run farm in rural Vietnam, these reusable, homemade bamboo straws are a charming, natural alternative to plastic straws. They are available in a variety of sizes, and come with a cleaning brush and awesome little colourful pouch. When purchasing, there are a variety of options; such as engraving and bundle sizes, as well as a selection of colours to choose from for the pouches. I especially love the marine!

I love that the straws come are suitable for all kinds of purposes; the larger ones can easily handle even the thickest of smoothies. The pouches and cleaning brushes make them easy to transport and keep clean if going out too. Thes bamboo straws are well crafted, sturdy, functionally great and aesthetically pleasing.

Shop here: Jungle Straws

Bamboo straw in glass of water. Red Jungle Straws pouch in front.JungleCulture Eco Products: Review and Giveaway

Natural Coconut Bowls

Handmade in southern Vietnam, these Buddah bowls come in five beautiful styles. Given the organic crafting, each and every one is unique.

The bowls are deep and curved, so they are suitable for all sorts of foods. They’re also light and easy to hold, and they wash well. I find the natural design really adds to the charm and yet again they are very high quality and made with lots of love and care.

Coconut bowl with spoon

Stainless Steel Straws

The stainless steel straws are another alternative to single-use plastic. They are perfect for when you need something a little more heavy duty than the bamboo ones.

Overall Thoughts about JungleCulture Eco Items

JungleCulture’s range is ever growing and their products are extremely impressive. Everything is crafted to the highest standard and with plenty of care. A lot of thought not only goes into the environment, but also the consumer.

The straws come with brushes and cute little pouches for storage. The bowls come with a charming spoon. It was also packaged well and in eco-friendly packaging. Their range of sustainable living items is brilliant, and I cannot wait to see what they add next!

Shop on Etsy: JungleCulture

JungleCulture Eco Products: Review and Giveaway

JungleCulture Eco Giveaway

JungleCulture has kindly offered a bundle of their eco goods to giveaway to one lucky reader too! Comp ends 10/01/2021. UK residents only. Other T&Cs apply.

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Good luck!

*I was sent items for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post also contains Etsy affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission if you purchase via my link.

53 thoughts on “JungleCulture Eco Products: Review and Giveaway”

  1. Gorgeous and useful products. I love the coconut bowls. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such lovely treats xx

  2. If Everybody did a tiny bit it would add to huge changes to the planet. The products are good, innovative and quirky. I particularly love the coconut bowls x

  3. We’re doing everything we can to be eco friendly, these fabulous goodies would be a most welcome addition! I LOVE the styles of the bowls too!

  4. My daughters and me would love this set, they’re so passionate about saving the planet and working so hard at litter picking when we go out for our walks 🙂

  5. Those straw look great and perfect for when out and about with their little pouch. My daughter doesn’t like the metal straws as they are so cold and hard. This would be great and still means we can do our bit to use less plastic. I was thinking these and the bowels would be great and lightweight for having picnics in the park too, when the weather is much much warmer.

  6. I am always looking for ways to be more eco friendly, and these bowls are not only lovely but are saving the planet too!

  7. I would love to win and help more towards an eco world, we recycle and refill our plastics but we can always happy do more!

  8. Those straws and bowls look fab! So instagrammable and also doing good for the planet at the same time. There are definitely times when straws are needed as we discovered when my daughter smashed a tooth out of her mouth completely but much better to avoid plastic where possible. x

  9. I do love these bowls! I always like to do my bit for the environment. We even bought recyclable Christmas crackers!

  10. These look great, especially the bowls. I do try my best to be kind to the environment, but I could definitely do more x

  11. What a brilliant idea. When I think of all the plastic straws I’ve used and thrown away in my life, especially from Mc Donalds I feel bad. So good to hear things are changing.

    • These looks amazing and right o my street. I love anything earthy and natural and this is an amazing giveaway xx


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