Organic Aromas Aromatherapy Diffuser: Review and Giveaway

Rest and relaxation is essential for healthy body and mind; taking time care for this aspect of your wellbeing enables the best quality of life possible. It’s perfectly understandable then that aromatherapy diffusers have become a ‘must have’ item for personal care. Some of the amazing benefits of extensively using them include improved sleep, reduced stress/anxiety and boosts to the immune system. As an added bonus (especially in the summer), they also act as a natural and ethical insect repellent. So, I was happy to be offered the chance to review a fab Organic Aromas Aromatherapy Diffuser.

Organic Aromas Aromatherapy Diffuser

Organic Aromas

Established by a collective of artists, engineers and business professionals; Organic Aromas was created with the goal of becoming the premier authority on diffusing pure, organic essential oil. The company is dedicated to achieving this through sleek efficient design coupled with safe practices.

One of the obstacles they found early on was that the standard methods being used disseminating these oils was inefficient and wasteful; sometimes allowing for contamination thanks to materials like plastic.

Organic Aromas is confident in the perseverance and ingenuity that goes into their products, that it counters these issues and puts customer well-being first.

Organic Aromas Aromatherapy Diffuser: Review and Giveaway

Setting Up the Nebulizing Diffuser

Assembling the diffuser is simple enough as the main device comes in three parts; a base, reservoir and cap. The reservoir and cap are made of glass and the base is plantation hardwood. Putting them together is as simple as sliding the reservoir into the base and putting the glass cap atop the reservoir.

Setting up Organic Aromas Aromatherapy Diffuser


Organic Aromas Aromatherapy Diffuser

Using the Organic Aromas Aromatherapy Diffuser

Using the diffuser is as simple as removing the cap, adding sprinkles of essential oil, plugging it in (I found the power input was quite deep in the base and required an extra push) and turning it on. There is a volume control for the intensity and a touch button which turns on of off coloured LED lights; the process is quick and simple. The device makes a little noise when in use but this isn’t noticeable unless there is complete silence and it isn’t disruptive in any way.

Diffuser colours

It’s worth noting that the operation cycle is 2 minutes on, 1 minute OFF. The LED will continue to operate for as long as the Diffuser is on, but the device will only disperse for a period of 2 hours; after that, you have to switch it off and on again (via the volume switch) to start a new 2 hour period.

Maintenance of Organic Aromas Aromatherapy Diffuser

By far, the most involved aspect of the diffuser is the cleaning. To be clear, this is not problematic; it’s just where a lot of space in the instruction manual has gone. This can be overwhelming at first, but I soon realised that this was contextual and just seemed complicated because there were more diagrams.

Essentially, there are three types of clean that the manufacturer recommends; general, partial and deep. When and why you would use each would depend on the frequency and sorts of oils used (thicker oils mean more cleaning).

Cleaning isn’t actually any more complicated than applying alcohol from time-to-time and soaking the reservoir with washing up liquid and warm water once a month.


Organic Aromas Aromatherapy Diffuser – Review Summary

Lavender was the oil I tested with; I used one that came with the diffuser (although any essential oil will do). The effect was instant. I’ve been working and relaxing with the Nebulizing Diffuser active for several days now and I find it greatly enhances my work environment. Last night I had it active before bed and it was an incredibly relaxing sleep.

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Organic Aromas are kindly offering the chance for one lucky reader to win one of their diffusers. Enter via Rafflecopter below. Comp ends 13th Sept 2020. T&Cs apply.

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*Disclosure: I was sent an Organic Aromas Aromatherapy Diffuser to review and paid for my time. 

82 thoughts on “Organic Aromas Aromatherapy Diffuser: Review and Giveaway”

  1. Stunning I’d love to own a diffuser and try out different aromatherapy oils I’m sure it would be a very relaxing addition to the home

  2. This looks so stylish and elegant, I prefer to use diffusers as they’re safer to use with pets around the house. Thanks for the informative review and giveaway.

  3. This would be perfect for my living room as I’m transforming it into a calming, relaxing and cosy sanctuary to de stress at the end of the day

  4. Thank you for taking the time to test and review this, I for on heavily rely on people’s reviews when I purchase things. Your review was fabulous this sounds fabulous. I have trouble sleeping at the moment and the lavender sounds like such a good idea.

  5. I know that if I were to be the lucky winner my daughter would Love this. She is moving shortly to a house on a farm and is worried about the farmyard smells ?

  6. I bought my mum something similar for a gift and she adores it – these fill the home with the aroma you want and give a sense of peace and tranquility xx

  7. These look amazing! I’d love them in our room when I practice meditation and also to make the house smell lovely xx

  8. I have a tea light diffuser which I don’t use at the moment as I have pets so I am worried about them knocking it over. This looks like a great replacement, beautiful to look at and safe to use. Thanks for the chance.

  9. I absolutely love aromatherapy and this product looks fantastic! Over the past couple of years I’ve really used essential oils as well as meditation to help with my anxiety which has been so amazing for my overall well being. Love it!

  10. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of different styles of air fresheners but this beats them all hands down. It looks great.


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