Winter Walks: Getting Outside in the Colder Months

Life is full of so many amazing and wonderful little pleasures; too many to list in fact. However, one that we especially adore, is going for a walk together outside. We love doing this anytime of year, including winter walks.

We’re extremely fortunate to have a large variety of places to explore and enjoy locally, and we love to make the most of this whenever possible. After all, there is an abundance of health benefits when it comes to walking. But even putting that aside, it’s simply just fun. Whatever the weather, we all know that going for a walk is a gratifying, shared activity that helps keep us both happy and healthy. Which is, of course, priceless.

The Wonders of Winter Walks

Whatever the time of year is, there are always a plethora of delightful sights, sounds and experiences to be found when venturing out. Winter though is something spectacular.

Whether it’s the colourful spread of the sky, the flicks of frost over the leaves or the curious way that a lake encapsulated in ice reflects the trees; it’s all fabulous, fantastical and stays with you in a deep and meaningful way.

Of course, the temptation in the winter is to stay inside, to snuggle up and enjoy the warmth and comfort. I get that. I love this too. However, there is something wholly rewarding about heading out on a mini-adventure and exploring what the natural world has to offer during the colder months.

Winter Walks: Getting Outside in the Colder Months

Clothing for Winter Walks

As the saying goes, there is no such thing as the wrong weather, only the wrong clothing. So in winter, the key thing is to wrap up warm and waterproof! But whilst doing this, one of the most important things to keep in mind, in my opinion, is the overall importance of comfort.

What comfort looks like varies from person-to-person and situation-to-situation; the comfort needs of a child with sensory issues might be vastly different to an older family member, for example. But to get the most out of walks during any time of year, and especially in winter, comfort is a critical consideration.

Professionals and enthusiasts tend to use something called the layered system or three layer system. Essentially, this is a base layer (skin level), mid layer (warmth) and outer layer (protection from the elements). As we dive deeper into it, there starts to become other considerations such as the best material for optimal heat management too.

The take away here is that the idea of three layers is a good starting point when thinking about what clothes to wear on a winter walk. You can then subtract items, as and when needed. Of course, this is not something that needs to be over-thought for a casual trip, it’s just something to keep in consideration when picking out clothing for an enjoyable winter walk.

Have Fun

Above all else, the absolute most important thing is to be in the moment and have fun! Being comfortable and having the right clothes will help achieve that of course. But taking the time to talk, appreciate the scenery, and go at your own pace is ultimately what defines the experience and leaves you with wonderful lasting memories of your winter walks together.

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