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30 Days Wild: The Fun Begins! (Linky in Post)

Woohoo, day one of 30 Days Wild! Who is excited? I am, can you tell?!

Throughout June I will posting regularly about our wild adventures and activities, and I look forward to reading what others are doing too. Below is the linky, as promised – feel free to include any posts you wrote from last year’s 30 Days Wild challenge in this week’s linky too… Let’s all share our ideas and help to inspire each other further!

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So today, day one of the challenge, for me is about connection. After all, that is what this challenge is really about; connecting to the natural world around us. And I feel that an essential part of this is connecting with each other too; through discussing ideas and actions, sharing inspiration and mutual interests, working together to protect our wildlife… that is an important part of the challenge. Hence my linky idea! Feel free to drop me a comment or find me on social media to say hi too, I would love to connect with as many like-minded people as possible! 

Today is also about reflection for me as well; as we are right at the beginning of this year’s challenge, I will be spending time today (in the garden!) looking back over my 30 Days Wild posts from last year and thinking about the journey that the challenge took us on. I will reflect on what we learned, how we felt and, moving forward, what I hope to get from it this time.

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Last but not least, I would also like to share with you another challenge that is also happening this month: Plastic Challenge by Marine Conservation Society. I am sharing it here because the purpose of this campaign is about protecting our oceans and the rest of our natural environment; therefore it fits in perfectly with 30 Days Wild and could be done as part of that. Even though we have been on our own plastic-free journey for sometime, I have signed up for this challenge too, which I will write more about during the month.

Anyway, here is the linky… I look forward to reading your posts. And remember to tell all your friends about it too!

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