Mud & Bloom Nature Crafts and Gardening Subscription Box: Review, Discount Code and Giveaway

Mud & Bloom is a fab new monthly subscription box for nature lovers. Each month the box contains two seasonal activities; a gardening activity and a nature craft. There are also quizzes, spotting cards, information sheets and so on. The boxes include everything you need to complete the activities, except occasionally for everyday items that would generally be around the home anyway, such as finding some kind of pot for planting – a yogurt pot or other such item would suffice. It is aimed at approximately 3- 8 year olds and costs £7.95 per month with free UK shipping.

Mud and Bloom nature crafts and gardening subscription box - image of contents

About The Creator

This lovely idea came from a mum of 2 young children, Anja, and was inspired by her love of nature. The activities have been created by qualified teachers and are influenced by various educational approaches.

About The Box

The box I reviewed (February) contained the following activities; grow your own cherry tomatoes, grow your own basil and paint your own pebbles. (This doesn’t get old even if you have done it before!) The only things we needed to get ourselves were the actual rocks and pots for planting, plus a plastic bag.

It also contains a nature spotters activity for things you might see in February, which is a nice little activity to do whilst outdoors on a nature walk. (And might encourage you and your littlies to venture out in the cold even if you don’t usually!)

A Sample Activity

We have only done the grow your own basil activity so far. (Squiggle is still unwell and hasn’t felt up to it but was keen for me not to do it without her!) It was a simple activity that children of any age can enjoy doing.

Grow your own basil - mud and bloom - packet of seeds and instruction card image.

The instructions are detailed but still written in a straightforward way. They are well explained and easy to read/ follow. They are high quality and very well produced in my opinion!

Image of Squiggle reading grow your own basil instruction card.

I liked the fact that it came with soil pellets that are part of the fun – and save messing around bringing soil in from the garden!

You just put them in warm water for 10- 15 minutes and they expand. I used that time to grab the stuff we needed (pots and a plastic bag) while Squiggle watched them grow.

An image of everything needed for grow your own basil. Soil pellets expanding in water.

Squiggle did find it tricky to get the seeds in the hole – you would think we have never planted seeds before! However it would be very simple if she had been carefully pinching a few seeds from her hand or the packet with thumb and forefinger, rather than just pouring them – I would think this goes without saying generally though of course, she just wasn’t quite with it bless her!

Our Verdict

We really like these boxes! The packaging has been carefully thought out to avoid waste wherever possible. The activities are good for a range of ages and are still fun if you have done them before. The instructions are clear and everything about the contents feels high quality. I personally feel they are reasonable value for money given the price includes postage and the subscription is flexible; it can be stopped or paused anytime. They get a thumbs up from us!

Discount Code

For 50% off your first box please use the code LIVINGLIFEOURWAY


One lucky reader can win a 3 month subscription to Mud & Bloom. Enter via rafflecopter below. UK only. Ends 25th March 2018. T&Cs apply. Good luck!

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*Disclosure: I received a 3 month subscription in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

70 thoughts on “Mud & Bloom Nature Crafts and Gardening Subscription Box: Review, Discount Code and Giveaway”

  1. I love gardening, as well as sitting and relaxing amongst our trees and plants and flowers. I love to grow fruit, vegetables, salad and herbs, and it is made even better when the Grandchildren come over and help too. I keep saying that we should make a little veg plot for them to call their own and take responsibility for. We also like to go for picnics in the local woodland, especially in the Summer, and our little dog, Alfie, loves to come along with us.

  2. We like taking the dog for a long walk in the local woods, but also watching the birds out of the windows at home. When the “Beast From The East” struck we had 7 Fieldfares in our garden, haven’t seen them in the garden before and now it’s turned warmer they have disappeared again.

  3. I love taking the kids on a nature trail and animal hunt, we print of sheets with animals we are likely to see and go on a hunt to see if we can find them

  4. Love taking the dog out and finding new places to go for walks with him, where he is free to run wild…..the kids just run wild with him which is a big plus!

  5. We love to go rock hopping, the children enjoy collecting the beautiful stones. We paint them or make mosaic pictures when we return home, although we have done outdoor artwork on the footpaths.

  6. We love nature treasure hunts, my young grandchildren collect whatever they class as treasure and we make pictures out of it

  7. We are members of the National Trust and love going on there trails. Last time my son planted a bean with them brought it home and is enjoying watching it grow

  8. love teaching my 3 grandchildren about the garden and all the wildlife and birds, they have a little section in my garden where they plants seeds and watch them grow. we go for a walk in the woods too every sunday, they love collecting bugs and leaves to look at.

  9. I love spending time in my garden growing flowers & vegetables mainly from seeds. My Granddaughter helps me when she visits on Sunday.

  10. I used to love taking my dogs for long walks in the woods but unfortunately,due to health reasons,I have to employ a dog walker now. I like to potter about in my garden tho.

  11. We have always loved going round National Trust gardens. If I ever make a major bonus / win the lottery – I will buy my family lifetime passes!

  12. Going for a walk with my two year old granddaughter spotting things and answering her questions, looking up what we don’t know. I see things through fresh eyes.


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