Mental Health: Why Supporting Mental Health Campaigns in 2020 is Essential

Covid-19 and lockdown has been extremely difficult for everyone and has dramatically affected the mental health of a vast number of people, for a multitude of reasons; for some it is due to the illness itself, many have suffered bereavement, we have all had loss of freedom and a sudden halt to much loved activities, restricted friendships, limited outings. In short, drastic changes in pretty much all aspects of life as we know it. Of course this is a massive shock to this system.

On top of this, services that were already overstretched and difficult to access have become even more so. Yet support is vital to recovery. That is why mental health charities and their campaigns are even more essential now than ever.

Mental Health Day 2020

Young Minds is a mental health charity that offers support and advice about childhood and adolescent mental health. Every October they hold their #HelloYellow campaign, encouraging everyone to wear something yellow to let young people know they are not alone in their mental health struggles (whilst also raising much needed charity funds).

You can donate directly to Young Minds on their website.

2020 has seen a massive rise in mental health issues in our younger generation. This is hardly surprising; this year has taken its toll on many of us, regardless of age. When adding into the equation the fact that our young people are dealing with so much change, unpredictability and uncertainty from Covid at a time during their lives when they are also still developing, and have the usual changes and struggles of this life stage to cope with on top of the global pandemic crisis, it is entirely understandable that many are suffering mental health issues. Therefore, this year the theme for the #HelloYellow Young Minds campaign was hope.

Hope is an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes with respect to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large. (Wikipedia)

Hope is such a strong word when it comes to mental health. By providing support, encouragement and understanding, we can help our young people to find the hope they need. Which is why a small act such as wearing yellow, and sharing photos on social media, can make so much difference to young lives; showing them they are not alone.

Young Minds #HelloYellow mental health campaign

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