Maths Websites For Primary and Secondary Children (Home Education/ Homeschooling)

I have been meaning to write this post for a while. We use, or have tried out at least, numerous maths websites for primary and secondary aged children as part of our home education (homeschool). I thought it would be useful to share these with other families; whether homeschooling long term, short term, or just looking for extra resources to boost maths at home, these might help with teaching maths. Some sites are free, others are subscription.

There are various approaches to learning on these maths websites; worksheets, videos, games, and so on. And the sites themselves vary greatly too in terms of presentation style (some are very visual, some wordy, some clear and simple for example) and a few have specific themes too. Different styles and approach suit specific learners of course, so it is worth checking out a range and seeing what works best.

Subscription Maths Websites


Mathseeds is a visual fun game that teaches the basics. It is for younger children aged 3 – 9. Squiggle played often when she was younger and enjoyed it. It offers a 30 day free trial then has monthly or annual subscription options. (£6.99 per month per child, annual family subscription £71.95)

Elephant Learning Maths Academy

Elephant Learning is one of Squiggle’s current favourites. She loves the fact you can choose a theme for the maths activities from the range of cute options, which includes various animals. Elephant Learning is available as both a website and app too, which she also likes.

Elephant Learning maths academy - maths websites - some of the themes to choose from

Elephant Maths Academy guarantees that the child will learn a year of math in 3 months using the system just 10 minutes per day, 3 days per week. They send weekly updates about how your child is getting on and suggestions of what you might need to discuss further or work on together. Cost is £35 per month but the scholarships available may bring the price down.

Conquer Maths

Conquer Maths has a few free lessons but is mainly a subscription site with onscreen activities, questions, tests and printable worksheets. Squiggle has a subscription but didn’t get on with it personally. However, it is popular with home educators and worth checking out.

Conquer maths website prices


This is another site that we currently have a subscription for and I really like the style and approach it uses. There are clear instructional videos for each lesson followed by some on-screen questions. There are also supplementary worksheets too. MathsWatch is a very comprehensive site that covers all key stages, GCSE and AS Level.

Katie’s Classroom

Katie’s Classroom has short videos and worksheets covering various maths topics for primary key stage 2. It costs £4.99 per month. The site also sells a box of little revision cards for each primary year group too, which we have found useful in the past.


This multi-award winning site costs £59 for an annual subscription or £11.95 per month and is suitable for all ages. It uses various approaches depending on the age/ stage of learning.

The Maths Factor

Created by Carol Vorderman, The Maths Factor is another game style maths site suitable for ages 4-12 years and is matched to the National Curriculum. Cost is £4.99 per month.

Maths Factor

Free Maths Websites

Corbett maths

This is really comprehensive for a free site with videos, practice questions and exercises covering many topics.

White Rose Maths

Another good free maths resource that has videos for different year groups covering a range of topics. There is also a premium section with worksheets if you are looking for further resources.

Free Educational Sites with Maths Section

BBC Bitesize

Khan Academy


Oak National Academy

Maths Tutors

The other thing you may want to consider, depending on your approach to home education, is a subject tutor. There are plenty to choose from, either remotely online, or in person. For example, a quick search of a company like TutorExtra pulls up a math tutor near me.

*This is a collaborative post

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