Making The Most Of Your Wardrobe

It is always fun to make the most of your wardrobe and enjoy your style. When it comes to clothing, a lot of us can get caught up with buying new items that don’t match anything we own, and often we struggle to put together a coordinated outfit ourselves.

If you are looking to overhaul your rauch wardrobes and your fashion style this year, we have some wonderful tips for you to take on…

Making The Most Of Your Wardrobe

Follow the Rainbow

One great tip for making the most of your current wardrobe is choosing a different colour each week. For example on week one you may want to add a red item to every outfit, then on week two orange and so on. This is a great way to force you to dig through your clothes and find ones that are the correct colour. It will also ensure that you rotate items often and is a great way to experiment with styles and colour combinations. If you don’t have many colours in your wardrobe, pop down to a local charity shop or take part in clothes swishing!

Hide Frequent Clothes

We all have a tendency to latch onto a certain outfit and wear it repeatedly for a length of time. Wearing clothes many times is great; we should all do this with every item we own! However, sonetimes this means that when you favour particular clothes and wear them, you’ll wash them and then wear them again, neglecting everything else in your closet.

To avoid this, after washing a popular item, hide it at the back of your wardrobe so that you cannot easily reach for it. This will force you to look at the less frequently worn pieces and use those. Finding a new fondness for your older or less loved garments is excellent!

Keep a journal

We all know that we have good and bad days when it comes to fashion. Some days, wearing an outfit makes us feel beautiful and confident, but other days it might make us feel frumpy and uncomfortable. Writing a journal and expressing an outfit as well as how it makes you feel will help you identify what you like and don’t like in your wardrobe. As well as this, it will allow you to identify pieces that make you feel confident and wear them more frequently. If there are items in your wardrobe that just don’t work for you, give them to someone who will wear them often!

Ask for an opinion

Being comfortable in our skin and dressing for ourselves is important! We should decide for ourselves what looks good and feels good. But sometimes when you are choosing clothes for yourself and deciding on an outfit, it can be all too easy to make a subjective decision that you regret later on. If you are considering testing a new outfit this year, you could ask your partner or a friend to help you remember the critical tests; will it be worn at least 30 times and can it be worn in a variety of wears for multiple occasions, or everyday wear. If not, see if you can borrow, swap or buy secondhand instead.

Create your own uniform

When it comes to choosing clothing that works for you, one good way to make the most of your outfits every day is to create a uniform that you enjoy wearing. For example if you like figure-hugging dresses and boots, hunt for a few styles of this item and wear them on different days of the week. If you enjoy pairing skinny jeans and a tee with bright accessories, make sure you have some different accessories to wear each day. Find a ‘uniform’ of clothing you feel confident in and flaunt it.

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